Saturday, February 07, 2009

Armed Forces want Lt.Gen be equate with DGP level

With the issue of higher pay for Lieutenant Colonels resolved, the Armed Forces have written another letter to the Defence Ministry asking for clarification on their demand of equating Lt. Gen. and equivalent officers with Director General-level IPS officers.

The letter, sent to the Defence Secretary last month, says it is necessary to place Lt Gens in the Higher Adminis trative Grade (HAG) plus pay scales to give them parity with DG level officers of the IPS. The logic given is that till now, Lt Gen and DGP level offices had the same status and by moving the IPS officer to HAG plus, the status of the Armed Forces has been lowered.

The letter has been sent by the Principal Personnel Officers Committee (PPOC) to the Defence Secretary and contains a detailed argument, including the status of the two services from the Third Pay Commission onwards.

The Armed Forces say that level of work and responsibility shouldered by a Lt Gen is much more than that of a DGP and the two should at least be treated as equals.

“The senior-most DGP in a state has lesser number of people under his command and lower responsibilities than the junior most Lt Gen who will go and command a Corps. It is unfair that the Armed Forces officer will be treated lower than a DGP,” a senior officer said.

Indian Express dated 07/02/09 Delhi edition


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    India will shortly be termed as a failed state because of these incompetent babus and corrupt IPS Goondas. Dont push the Armed Forces to a point, if they choose to react u know what will happen

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    The sixth pay commission was expected to boost the morale of the armed forces but beaurocrats and politicians have ensured that the morale hits the nadir.They seem to be on the pay roll of our enemies as they have been able to achieve what ISI could'nt achieve in last sixty years
    I feel this is the best time foe our enemies to attack us.
    A soldier felt more respectfull before this pay commission...

  3. I feel this is the best time foe our enemies to attack us.

    I am a Nationalist and a patriotic person and I strongly condemn above atatement by anonymous. This is like inviting enemy to attack our country to solve out internal problems, like Jaichand and Mirjafar.

    This kind of sentiments should not be there in any Indian.

    Mr. Anonymous you should be ashamed of what you have said.


  4. Anonymous11:35 PM

    armed forces have always proved themselves in any contingency or adversity...inspite of the treatment given to them by the ruling no worries on that the recent mumbai blast...the NSG commandoes who fought for us were actually the army personnel only,who are on deputation to NSG.BUT IT IS HIGHLY UNFORTUNATE AND SHAMEFUL THAT THE POLITICIANS AND BEAUROCRATS HAVE TRIED TO DOWNGRADE THE ARMED FORCES

  5. Anonymous11:46 PM

    i stick to what i said bcoz inspite of this unfortunate state armed forces will still give us decisive victory even in this state.when i said best opportunity for enemy..i meant the opportunity for the armed forces as well to prove their commitment inspite of the indifferent attitute of the netas and babus.i m not ashamed .i have given my only son as a martyr to this i think u must think before calling me a jaichand...the real jaichands are this ruling class who use all their energies for downgrading the last bastion of hope

  6. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Dhaka is a canary. The GoI better get its act together. This kind of resentment takes years, even decades to reach a boiling point, but God help us all when it does.

  7. thnx for the post.....