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Scientist form body to oppose CPC recommendation

A group of scientists belonging to the Department of Atomic Energy and the Department of Space on friday said the revisions announced by the Sixth Pay Commission have fallen short of their expectations. To add insult to injury, their compatriots in the teaching line and bureaucracy have galloped past them in terms of gross monthly pay, they claimed, adding that this results in huge variations between the salaries between different professionals as they go up the hierarchy.

"While a babu can reach the highest tier, Pay Band IV, within 15 years of service, a scientist would have earned only two promotions after joining as a scientific officer," said S Joseph Winston, a senior scientist at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam.

Their growing discontent has prompted a group of scientists to band together to form the Confederation of Atomic and Space Scientists/Technologists (COAST), an umbrella organisation that has vowed to take up the issue to the higher authorities.

Both the departments come under the Prime Minister who had earlier assured the scientists of a hike of 40 per cent.

However, the actual revision has only been around 18 to 35 per cent, complained the scientists, adding that the highest hike was limited to the PB IV category.

"While about 50-60 per cent of the bureaucrats fallin the PB IV, the figure for us scientists is only 5 per cent. Most scientists slog in the labs for years together, and retire before they can ever reach the highest pay structure," said Winston, the president of COAST This disparity, said Winston and his colleagues, was a blow to the morale of the scientists who were working on projects of great strategic importance and symbolic value. "There are big investments in the fields of nuclear and space research. It is in these scientific fields where the country proved its might. But when it comes to managing human resources, these shortcomings could have serious consequences. If this situation continues, the country will face a dearth of serious researchers and scientists in the near future," warned Winston, who believes that the Sixth Pay Commission is precisely the sort of policy that causes "brain drain" from premier institutes.

"When there are avenues for them to go abroad and earn manifold of what the Government is offering, none of the 'creamy layer' from institutions like the IITswould come forward to join service here," said a scientist.

(Appeared in Indian Express 24/05/08)


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Very well said. People at the top should realise the number of strategic projects that organisations like ISRO, CSIR, DRDO and Atomic Energy Comm. has taken up. These projects need high quality people who can understand the physics and engineering behind the nature of work that they do. Today when people who learn Differential geometry and Heat Transfer from places like IISc are lured to write financial/insurance software at IT companies, there is no bigger tragedy for Govt. Scientific organizations than this in addition to the insult thrown up by this Sixth pay commission report. In scientific organisations it is sheer quality of technical people that matters and this results between success and failure. Ultimately if you want quality it always comes with cost. Govt. should now act on this SPC anomaly proposed on scientific community.
    Rajesh Joshi, Bangalore

  2. There is a dilema in the field of Science. Barring the acievements of space, other fields like atomic energy, defence etc. are not of good quantity. Too much of man power and too less tangible output. DAE is propped by bombs. Nuclear energy sector is stagnant for past 50 years. Similary defence. Govt. is spending "lot" of money in science but there is no tangible output except producing science literate people. World class science has not developed. Quality of research is poor. Even fifth rate graduates are not joining these Departments. The quality is falling too sharply. Existing older guys are better than the ones presently joining.

    There is a case for paying space scientists better. They are world class. But the IAS lobby will not allow.

    Soon a situation will come whereby we will have to import man power to handle radioactive materials.

    If we continue to pay poor salary, things will deteriorate further. If we want competent people we need to pay attractive compensation which IAS will not allow. Thus there is a dilema.

  3. i think after the defense forces the real sloggers are the scientists if they dont get good remuneration its a crime but why will the IAS lobby give them more money as they ant largest piece of cake. I suggest that the Scientists should propose faster promotion structure and bloat their allowances and ask for non quitting allowances to compensate those who are loyal to this nation. Anyway if they have to quit in large numbers else no one will listen to them either

  4. No one is listening us.......................

  5. Anonymous6:09 PM

    No hike no SPC....forget it ....UPA govt has decided to suside.....and want us to join

  6. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Everybody is demanding highest pay package. Are u ready to give your efforts to the benefit of common man in return? Just you relax... while the common man dies with hunger, dowry demand and poverty of all sorts.They sell their baby for mere Rs.20/- and you continue demand Rs.2 Lakh hike in salary.... Time will come when you have to go to the fields for your rice ,dal etc.Babu, it is India, after all.

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM

    How this money comes. EVERY BODY WANT Chairman salary.
    Situation may go like Zimbabwe.
    Gov will soon bankrupt.
    They have to follow result oriented procedure - Every org go for earn their Bread & Butter.

  8. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Dont be foolish. Indian Govt is getting more money and hence there are lot of pilferages.
    Have u ever questioned your slef how much taxes have u paid just realise with VAT the taxation was supposed to lessen but since no one reduces the tax it has actually compounded. Hence, if govt wants work pay else at the least give me the right to choose the employer. which they have curtailed saying national security. let them open the flood gates let them hire in the open market . A major will cost more than 1 lakh in a month and a Colonel to guard this country will cost a 2 lakh

  9. Anonymous1:46 PM

    the underlying point n anonymous posted at 1:01 am ( what a time 2 get an idea ) is that major n army does not have choice 2 switch over and when the choice comes at col rank every one is exercising the option to switch the job.It is well understood thatjob in army is tough but it is also full of adventure and pride which no pay commission would be able to snatch todays conumerist world the needs of army personnel scientists demand a higher salary .I see nothing wrong in it

  10. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Funny please take the adventure and release me from this hell of a job. you want your frontiers guarded and dont want tp pay a penny. if ppl are selling children for Rs 20/-blame the your self as you ppl in civil vote for these politicians who rule as suggested by these IAS ppl. I have never got a chance to vote. Now I will take leave to go and vote. Mind it. This country cant even give voting rights to its Millitary as they thing this will polute their hearts. if thats so when why bind them without and extract work wehn they just want to call it quits.
    You all are nomads who dont know what is life come and serve for 5 yrs in army and get posted to hell of places where to go and come takes 4 days. then be unable to go to even marriages of your siblings. get out-casted by you own parents. its sick. then say its all done for national security. what the f--ks what is the national security to do with forced labor. wake up else day will come when those guarding will say please we want to walk out of our posts. we don't want to be here. let those who want adventure come and stay here

  11. mythoughts4:53 AM

    The main reason for everyone to be unhappy with the pay commission is the lower fixation in the new proposed scales.Pay commission's recomendation stipulates that you multiply your old basic (on which you were earning DA) with 1.74 to arrive at new basic in the one of four pay bands.Why 1.74 cause as om i jan 06 we would have got 74% DA had the 50% of DA not got merged.Now as base year for calculation of DA post its merger in 2004 did not get changed to 2004 employee in jan 2006 onwards got basic + 50% DA as DP +24% DA on old basic +DP.This way they were getting a net of 86% DA.Now when paycommission multiplies the old basic by 1.74 (and not 1.86 )employees end up getting less as the mistake of not changing the base year in 2004 is rectified in the wisdom of pay commission.Is the logic of pay commission correct

  12. Anonymous5:00 AM

    "get outcasted by your own parents "can anonymous 3:46 AM pl explain what is this agony.

  13. Pay, Pay and more pay. Who will care India? We are most corrupt employees of the world who do not have patriotism or nationalism in our hearts. Have we ever thought about farmers, people of kalahandi and other downtrodden who do not have enough food to survive. Let me sum up our thought. First we have to realise ourselves that how far we are useful to our country practically than ask pay according to our utility for the nation.

  14. Anonymous9:01 PM

    lall ji pl understand no one is asking for more pay ust like that .pay commission comes once in 12 tears .In 12 years no central govt has asked for pay hike unlike many psus or banks.Just for few central staff who lack accountability and credibility you can not paint all with same colour.Dont forget ur scientists in isro,barc and above all ur defence services.

  15. Anonymous7:35 AM

    just because some personnel are corrupt, you cant tar every one with the same brush, sir.

  16. Anonymous6:53 PM

    not all in govt job are corrupt and not honest to heir jobs.all govt jobs are not creamy.Time has come to divide govt jobs in two categories that is REAL DAMADS and ONLY SOCALLED DAMADS.we should have separate pay commission for these two categories

  17. Anonymous10:14 PM

    The output/fate of the bureaucrats depends on the input of the Technical cadre.But it has been experienced that fate of getting justified pay hike depends on the positive note of babus otherwise two pay scales are created within a single technical cadre having similar job responsibilites which the pay commission is unable to see through.

  18. sanjeev skv002002@gmail.com2:47 PM

    Hi, we scientist are the cheapest community among all catagories. so what they offering is cheap. We don't know how to leave what to eat, and what is family. I am a scientist in DRDO (1st class gazatted officer) and product of on of reputated institute. But nobody mind to give us cheapest possibles. they don't mind to adjust in single room with other scientist. even a school teacher never was told to adjust. Our canteen for lunch are inferior then school canteen. You are appointed to work 5 day a weak with 8.5 h work/day. but we are giving our best.

    But nobody care for it. because we are the hero behind curtains.
    If u want to do something, learn to fight for your own right. come together. and fight together
    jai hind

  19. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Feel offended & victimised, u are right in assessing your emotions. Here the issue has moved from paying peanuts as salaries, to the deliberate creation of an economic aparthied system in the Central Govt with the IAS as the whip masters.
    Recognise them for the manipulators they are & fight till justice is done!!

  20. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Hullo Manisha,
    How come you are not giving any input(or rather should i say output) now a days on the 6pc report.
    i read the other day in the deccan chronicle that the commitee of experts will submit their recommendations by the end of june and that only cosmetic changes such as an increase in MSP for jawans (Rs2000) and increase in CCA will be given.
    do you have any better info. if so kindly share it with us.
    I would only advise all affected to accept what the govt gives gracefully.

  21. Anonymous3:49 PM

    seems owner of this blog has also lost interest in the blog .It is hardly getting updated these days

  22. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Dear All,
    we find that everywhere the govt is the whipping horse(or should i say whipped horse).the govt has reasonably considered the representations of the employees and tried to do fair.
    But the ground reality is that half the time their real ENTITLEMENTS are not given by their departmental heads.
    If only there was a mechanism to ensure that the employees get their due, half the problem will be solved.nobody wants to or can complain against his boss to avoid a witchhunt.any solution for this.???

  23. Anonymous2:49 PM

    wake up please

  24. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Dear Manisha,
    has the govt given orders for implementation of the 6pc recommendations? because when a friend of mine went to collect his pension ,he was asked to wait pending a clarification on whether to give the old or new revised pension.ultimately he was given the old pension.
    what is happening??

  25. When govt is going to implement CPC? is there any news

  26. please see this link

  27. Anonymous9:59 PM

    there is nothing new in your blog. i suggest you close it down

  28. Dear All,

    Whenever there is any information, trustworthy comes, it will be made available on the blog. There is no such information right now, only speculation, like earlier before CPC report came, so there is no point giving such information.

    Wait some more days and final implementation of the CPC report will be done by Government.

  29. Is t news in t above post
    ( ) reliable ?

  30. Anonymous4:13 PM

    blog has become stale.u get more news in in the newspapers instead.But till pay commission was anounced this was the best source of news or speculation both

  31. The Pay Revision Committee has suggested an additional pay of 15 per cent for the armed and paramilitary forces, over and above the revised basic pay scales. The committee has also proposed to upwardly revise the basic pay scales recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission (SPC) and an increase in grade pay at all levels.

    For all central government employees, the SPC had recommended a maximum grade pay of Rs 13,000, while the committee has suggested Rs 18,000 as the highest grade pay. The grade pay fixed by the SPC for the junior most Group A officer was Rs 5,400, which the committee has increased to Rs 7,000. The committee has also suggested annual increments of four per cent instead of the 2.5/3.5 per cent recommended by the SPC. The suggestions drafted by the committee, headed by the Cabinet Secretary, are subject to final approval and sanction of the Cabinet.

    However, the committee has also suggested that new pay scales be implemented with effect from July 1, 2007, instead of January 1, 2006, that was recommended by the SPC.If approved, this would imply that Central government employees would not get arrears equivalent to one and half year’s revised salary as was being expected.

    The 15 per cent additional pay worked out by the committee ranges from Rs 1,248 per month at the lowest level to a maximum of Rs 9,048 at the highest.

    In addition, the committee has suggested 15 pay scales instead of the 22 recommended by the SPC. It has that also suggested 10 pay bands instead of the four recommended by the latter.

    The lowest pay scale (1-S) recommended by the SPC was 4440-7440 1300. The corresponding pay scale (PB-1) suggested by the committee is 5,500-16,500 with grade pay of Rs 2,500. The basic pay works out to be Rs 8,000 and with the inclusion of annual increment (4 pc), dearness allowance (15 pc) and the 15 per cent additional pay, the lowest gross pay works out to be Rs 10,816.

    The highest pay scale recommended by the SPC was 39,200-67,000 13,000. The corresponding scale suggested by the committee is 40,000-60,000 along with a grade pay of Rs 18,000. In this scale, the basic pay works out to be Rs 58,000 and with the inclusion of increment, DA and additional pay the gross pay at the highest level (PB-10) works out to be Rs 78,416.

  32. Babudom can take it easy. They will get their pay hikes soon, irrespective of how the Manmohan Singh government performs at next week’s trust vote in the Lok Sabha.

    Even if the Congress-led coalition were to lose the trust vote, it would not mean that work would not continue in the government. The Cabinet would have to continue to take decisions, in matters like the recommendations of the pay commission, a Union minister told HT on Thursday, confident this situation would not arise. More than 30 lakh employees would benefit from the recommendations.

    The commission’s recommendations are under examination by a committee of secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrashekhar. The committee is broadly understood to have firmed up its report, except a few tricky areas like demand for more money to defence personnel.

    The cabinet secretary was last scheduled to make a presentation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and some senior ministers at a meeting earlier this week. This meeting, however, has not taken place because the political leadership has been too busy trying to cobble up support. A senior finance ministry functionary said this exercise would be taken forward after the trust vote.


  33. Pay panel report stuck in political uncertainty
    18 Jul 2008, 0310 hrs IST, Ashish Sinha,TNN

    NEW DELHI: The government is not keen to announce the final shape in which recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission would be implemented before the political crisis that has gripped it is over.

    Top government sources said only "final touches" remain to be given to the report of the committee of secretaries and it can be submitted to the Union Cabinet "any day".

    But the government does not seem ready to announce it before next week, presuming that it sails through during the vote of confidence slated for July 22.

    The committee headed by cabinet secretary K M Chandrasekhar was formed on the PM's orders after voices of protest surfaced from almost all quarters of the gigantic officialdom as well as police, paramilitary and defence forces, who were perhaps more vocal than the "civilian" staff. The pay panel submitted its report on March 24.

    "The report has to go to the Cabinet for approval and it may ask for further clarifications. Most major meetings have been completed. The focus is now on getting all 10-12 secretaries together for a final round. We hope it will happen very soon," a source said. Earlier indications were that the review report would be ready by the first week of July and bulk of the task was actually completed within that time-frame. It is understood that a "fine tuning" exercise was also restarted as an afterthought.

    Millions of government employees have been eagerly waiting for the implementation of the pay report, which top officials said was already "good news" in its original form. They indicated that there would be little changes for the "civilian" employees as the report has already recommended "decent salary hikes and an extremely satisfactory allowance system".

    "Allowances were hiked by up to four times. A very realistic tuition and hostel allowance was introduced for the children of government servants," a source said, but indicated that there could be a change with regard to defence, police and paramilitary services.

    The pay commission has proposed that the recommendations should be implemented with effect from January 1, 2006, and this would entail a huge cost to the exchequer. Given the current trends, sources said, the implementation of recommendations is also expected to contribute to the rising inflation. "The best policy for the government is definitely to wait and watch what shape the current political developments take. Obviously, speedy implementation would depend on the very survival of the government," they added.


  34. National
    Modifications on pay panel suggestions presented to PM
    New Delhi (PTI): Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar on Monday made a presentation on modifications of 6th Pay Commission recommendations before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

    Although the details of the improvements, suggested by the high-level committee, were not known immediately, it is learnt that the committee informed the Prime Minister about the financial implications of the modifications.

    The Government had earlier asked a committee of secretaries, headed by Chandrasekhar, to look into the recommendations made by Justice B N Srikrishna, who headed the 6th Pay Commission, on the salary structure of government employees following protests from different groups, especially personnel from the armed forces and IPS officers.

    The pay commission has suggested an effective increase of 28 per cent in salaries of over four million central government employees.

    The commission recommended implementation of the revised pay from January 1, 2006, which would impose an arrear payout burden of Rs 18,060 crore on the government.

    The revised pays fixed the salary of Cabinet Secretary at Rs 90,000 a month and that for a Secretary at Rs 80,000 per month, while making Rs 6,660 as the minimum entry level salary.

    Recommending a substantial increase in allowances and other benefits, the Commission also suggested a 40 per cent increase in pension and family pension.



    New Delhi, July 28: The government could announce the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission proposals as early as next month, highly placed sources said today.

    A 13-member committee of secretaries, headed by cabinet secretary K.M. Chandrasekhar, screening the proposals is said to be “at the fag end” of the process. Over 3.3 million government employees are expecting a hike. The pay panel had submitted its report on March 24.

    The committee screening the pay panel’s suggestions was formed at the insistence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh following complaints from several quarters. Its report will be submitted to the cabinet.

    The screening committee also includes the revenue and secretaries in the finance ministry, the home secretary, the defence secretary and the special secretary (internal security) in the home ministry. The secretaries of the departments of personnel and training, pension and pensioners’ welfare are also its members.

    Work on the recommendations could have been wrapped up faster but the government’s focus has been diverted in the past few days to terror in the wake of the back-to-back serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The preoccupation with the strikes could also delay social projects and reforms the Centre wants to push with greater vigour after winning the trust vote on July 22.

    Other legislations from which the focus has shifted include a bill on social security for unorganised sector workers. The review of welfare schemes like the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, the Integrated Child Development Scheme and the 15-point programme for minorities could also be delayed, the sources said.

  36. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Dear friends,
    ANERT is an R&D organization coming under the state govt of Kerala,where Scientists are paid under CSIR rules. Even after handling high level R%D projects that required much effort and time with in the time frame of the government, we are not been awarded promotions till now. Now, we expect that CSIR would hike our pay in such a way that promotions are automatically included in the sixth pay revision scheme.

  37. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Does anyone ponder a thought for National Informatics Center (NIC), country's premier IT organization enjoying the benefits of FCS designating the staff as SCIENTISTS.What in the world would make programmers be termed as SCIENTIST when they are engaged in all service related activities. By this law , the country would be inundated by Computer scientist who may be writing only basic programs.The Organization is posting the people at the Collector Office,State Secretriat, Passport,Excise,Income Tax etc etc for project maintainence and then terming them as scientist. This is all to extract the benefits FCS and cheating the honest Indian payer.

  38. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Does anyone ponder a thought for National Informatics Center (NIC), country's premier IT organization designating the staff as SCIENTISTS and enjoying the benefits of the FCS. What in the world would make programmers be termed as SCIENTIST when they are engaged in all service related activities. By this law , the country would be inundated by Computer scientist who may be writing only basic software and would be proclaimed as SCIENTISTS. The organization is posting people in the Collectors Office, State Secretriat,Passport , Income Tax , Excise and allied Central & State Govt Offices for software support. These people are designated as scientists probably to corner the benefits of FLEXIBLE COMPUTING SCHEME (FCS) which is applicable to scientists of DRDO,AEC,ISRO etc who are really associated with real scientific R&D. This is only a mechanism to cheat the honest taxpayer . Is DST , DOPT deep asleep....?