Friday, April 11, 2008

Committee of Secretaries to study CPC recommendations.

The government on Friday announced the constitution of a high-level official committee of secretaries to study and review the report of the Sixth Pay Commission.

The committee will be headed by the Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar and has been directed to submit its report to the Cabinet at the earliest possible.

The 12 member committe will comprise secretaries of ministries of home, defence, revenu and expenditure, department of post, security, deputy CAG and financial commissioner and member secretary of the Railway Board.

The committee will mainly function as a screening committee for the pay panel's report and submit its final recommendations to the Cabinet for approval.

The Government has already constituted a committee headed by Finance Secretary D Subbarao to look into the grievances of armed forces and IPS officers.


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    this one simply waste of time. only drag the matter further.

  2. Hi, at last the long awaited sixth pay commission arrived. But, with few questions- a) Why did they took so much time arriving at such a decision which was a job or month or two. (May be they are getting per day allowances at an attractive rate.) b) How can Judge Mr. Srikrishna say that the no of holidays must be reduced. All the courts in India still enjoy diwali, May and what not vacations. c) Why so much disparity amongst CD and AB cadres? d)The pay structures suggested would give rise to anomalies only. e)Is it an award or punishment?

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Kaku said...
    "kudus to Justice Srikrishna for the killing of the dreams of lakhs of government servants across the country. If this report was prepared in consultation with the ministry, then what more can be expected from the high-power committee comprising of all the secretaries or higher officials, which will see their benefit first. It is just a gimmick, an eye-wash for the majority of the employees. Thank you, Mr. Chidambaram.

  4. Anonymous4:02 PM

    we are considering removal of disparities of IAS vis a vis others etc, by the IAS only.
    What a pity of the government babus.
    will the IAS officers of the empowered committee do justice. it is doubtful.......

  5. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hi, the secretaries of GOI will decide the fate of Defence Forces and fate of all in general ?

    It has been seen during all these years that the IAS lobby only see their benefit first.

    Sirs, come out from your air-conditioned room and see how these defence Forces are protecting the country from both External/Internal aggression by sacrificing their lives.

    You are concerned about your interest.What about the civilain employees who are working down the line.

    At least, the Generals etc. are concerned about their employees.

    What about you Sirs, atleast you should have spoken for your employees also.

    What a pity?

  6. Deepak Kumar7:40 PM

    justice sri krishna has now become immortal be taking with him the tag of loosing trust of all the three services as he promised to give better pay and demoralised every one and ill now be remembered by every one in the defense forces. He was worse than all the politicians put together. also now I will never trust the commissions that give report specially thse he chaired.

  7. We must welcome the Committee. Committee is necessary for approval or rejection of SPC report. The question is will the committee study the real issues and address the concerns of employees.
    1 Adjustment of 12% DA against 40% increase from 1.1.2006 and another 11 % from January 2008
    2.I am drawing Rs 12400. My new pay as on 1.1.2006 will be Rs 26020 involving 35% increase in basic pay (Rs 3990)and 13%increase in total emoluments
    3. From January 2008 onwards the increase in basic pay is reduced to 20% (Rs 2630)and increase in total emoluments is reduced to 8%.
    4. In another two years I will be drawing less than what is due as per Fifth pay Commission.
    5. A person with less than 3 years service will get an increase of 80%. But seniors are the most affected by SPC report.
    Only solution is to revise fitment formula as " pay+ grade pay should not be less than Basicpay*2.625"

  8. Anonymous11:08 AM

    The is a high power committee to study the grievances of low class people. This Committee of secretary level IAS officers is like a sub committee of the Gymkhana Club which does not have any understanding of the life of an LDC or a UDC, much less of a peon. And, they have to make recommendations/modifications to a report which is drafted by one of them in the first place! Today, the IAS does not inspire any confidence in society. Besides, what happens to the first committee already set up to look into the military and paramilitary issues? Its said to be a committee to screen the proposals of the commission? What does screening mean? Its very vague and nothing much can be expected from these super Babus. Its their regime.

  9. Everyone is interested in the financial aspects only. The other recommendations also deserve to be viewed seriously.India is a secular nation with a strong religious foundation.To deny a general holiday on important religious occasions like Diwali, Dasara,Holi, Ramnavami, Xmas,Good Friday, Ramzan, Moharam, etc is going to cut at the roots of of secular social fabric.Never mind that these occasions r converted into RH. That's worse. What's important is the spirit of celebration that prevails all over on a day like Id, Xmas, Diwali that's important than just the chance to skip work. And what work can be done on a day liker Diwali when most of the employees avail a holiday, but the offices are kept open? Imagine the cost of power consumed on such days? Irrespective of attendance, fans have to run, lights will be on, buses have to ply with little traffic. What a huge waste of resources it would lead to? When cases are pending so heavily in our courts, they go on vacation in Summer, Winter, etc for days together? Why should courts have holidays when police stations don't have a holiday? Both are supposed to uphold the law! It appears that the Pay Commission, in spite of a distinguished composition like a retired judge of the Supreme Court, a Professor of IIM, a senoir IAS officer, viewede several crucial issues with a warped mindset!

  10. Anonymous5:04 PM

    The empowered committee of the secretaries (read IAS, most of them) will study the SPC report and submit the findings. They will remove the anamolies (read benefits or edge for IAS).
    This is a childish dream. The babus and government is living in fools' paradise. Most of them are retiring, efficieny or justice are not their preference.
    They will ensure that they get the maximum. We have given a loaf to the monkey for justifible division among the poor cats.

  11. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Having all top breaucrats in the committee shows that India is still following British model policy making.Ours is a democratic republic,then why we are failing to follow the principles of democratic policy making? This committee should have included employees from cross section of the society starting from a peon, soldier, clerk and till the seceratary level.The true democracy can be ensured by making a represetative of peon to sit in committee on par with IAS officers, let peon talk in Hindi and express the view point of lower strataum of the administration.Let us not forget that a peon is also a government employee as is an IAS officer.

  12. Anonymous3:40 PM

    First a commission which took two years, then a committee which may take another atleast few months. what is the use? If the powers that be want to act blind to the reality?
    Between the period of two pay commissions how many aggrements conclude between bank employees and managements?

  13. The so called high power committee set up to screen the pay panel's preposterous proposals has failed even before it had its first meeting because the composition of the body is itself very wrong.A wrong body can't do a right thing.Today, IAS officers hold every employee in utter contempt. They think only they r capable, only they r meritorious, etc. The problem is accentuated by the fact that nobody can give them a befitting retort without inviting trouble. If two officers have different opinions and one of them is IAS, its always the IAS officer whose opinion counts. They call for meetings at 10 am and come to the meeting at 2 pm. No questions raised. Puntuality? Such silly rules r for lesser mortals, not for the brahmins of Indian bureaucracy! They can talk utter nonsense with nobody raising an eyebrow! They can misinterpret rules to suit their convenience. IAS officers r known for saying that if u want to do something no rule prevents u. On the other hand, if u want to avoid doing something, u have plenty of rules to support u! IAS officers think that rules r slaves of their interpretation. All this just because they have done well in one god damned exam! After that, no screening, no assessment, no merit and no nothing. And, they r the people who r going to look into the problems of employees across the board! The Commission fooled us once along with a host of websites and the media. Let's not be fooled again.

  14. Anonymous11:04 AM

    injustice in all respect has been recommended by a socalled justice .pay commission must have a democratic setup comprising representation of all category of is irony to have a judge its chairman and recommendations are not applicable for judicial court staff

  15. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Can we expect that the so called committee formed to look into the discrepancies will really look into the issues in deep. It is nothing but a time consuming process and to delay the implementation till such time a new government takes a decision on it. Hats off to PC for the delay tactics and to avoid payment of legitimate dues of Government staff. Let the committee also give wide publicity to media who give much publicity to this, as they are short of news items.

  16. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Providing better amenties to the defence personal is justified but all the bureacrats avaling all sorts of power and money is again bestowed with same privileges as their jaminders of English regime.
    Bhah, Finance Minister remember that you are facing a chunk of civilian employees and their families who will write your destiny in the coming elections.It will be reflected by their anguish and discontent. Alok pel,Ram heta, Dipak Pel/mumbai

  17. Anonymous9:11 PM

    its waste of time and resources....till now each n every govt. employee understood the CAKE they got into there mounth after such a hype in media by pay one is going to believe such cheap tricks by UPA govt. to make there seats strong in parliament....they will also get there part of CAKE in upcoming elections....

  18. Anonymous3:15 AM

    You want to live happily in India then get into IAS, if not then lick their boots or else leave India.

  19. Anonymous3:17 AM

    With so much corruption and unaccounatbility in the system what is required is an administrative reforms commission before a pay commission.

  20. Anonymous3:18 AM

    What was the need of a pay commission ? Cabinet Secretary himself could have prepared the report in few days.

  21. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Govt should decide to increase amaluments @ 10% every year except DA. We dont required any Pay Commission & it will help to not putting financial load on Govt at once.

  22. Anonymous2:30 PM

    No comments from Justice Srikrisha about the appointed comm..

  23. Anonymous11:48 AM

    it is best to scrap pay commission.
    But once in three years a wage board should finalise the revision of wage for all govt servants within a time frame of three months. It will boost the sincerity, honesty and productivity and that leads INDIA top of the world.

  24. Anonymous11:55 AM

    it is better to fix wage board
    for every three years and get
    good product, implementation of
    schemes and it's correctness.

  25. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Why preferential treatment to civil pay scale

    The grade pay is to be 40% of the max of earlier scale. But for civil scale namely S25 “15100-400-18300” it is as high as 8300 which works out to be 45.34 % of 18300.

    In case of Army for a similar scale of Lt Col 15100-400-18700 ( including rank pay) it is only 6600 which stands to only 35.3% of the max of earlier scale. is it just justice Krishanan.Army is fully justified in their stand that there are serious anamolies

  26. Anonymous1:53 PM

    IAS - What a shame ! You could not be trusted by any section of the society and still occupy chairs of higher commissions to decide the fate of the millions ! With no concern or understanding of the plight of the employees under your ablest administration, what betterment can you bring to their life or the recommendations of the SPC ?What right makes you sit pretty there when you had never been for the poor employees who have been pushed to the state of Choiceless Awareness ?

  27. Anonymous3:04 PM

    On behalf of University teachers
    what about University teacher's scales? These scales were not announced in this sixth pay commission report. I would like to know the scales of University teachers according to sixth pay commission report.

  28. Anonymous11:23 PM

    For our country to move forward those who work in the Field, both Civilians and the Defense forces have to be appropriately compensated encouraged and rewarded.
    This is a report of the Secretaries, for the Secretaries and by the Secretaries.The North Block and the South Block are jointly engaged in the task of dividing this country and creating disharmony.We should be alert perhaps this arrogant style of functioning and insestivity may be the cause of the Maoists growing in spread and strength.
    This report is a symptom of the malady. I name it the SICK PAY COMMISSION REPORT.

  29. Hi, at last the long awaited report of pay commission arrived, but still nobody knows "What happens to HRA & Transport arrier". It should be clear by now that either govt is able to give the arriers from 01.01.2006 or 01.01.2008


  30. What are the expectations of the review by the COS? Will it do something for the benefit of middle level officers. Also is there any decision on the D.A. to be allowed for the years 2006, 2007 and 2008?

  31. Anonymous12:41 PM

    My friend joined a private sector while I came to Govt. Job. Same qualification, same city (I have better results to my organisiona than him). After 10 years, he gets 2½ times more than me, enjoys air travells or I-AC. I repent why I joined Govt. sector after this CPC report. GUYS NO CAREER OPTION IN GOVT JOBS NOW. They have planned to give you bread so you don't die, but they won't pay you the butter because you can enjoy.

  32. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I am a loco pilot in railways.We work on very hazardous back ground with unlimited duty hours and without weekly off!Our salary will be reduced with this pay revision. Many amoung us are thinking about aVRS......

  33. Anonymous8:21 PM

    It is surprising that employees are deciding the pay structure but really are they employees?No. They are super Indians, manipulate things, make the countrymen fooled. The system is such that nobody can break strategies of this mighty federation of cadre.Be it treatment from DOP&T,CAT etc. All are controlled by them. Rules get accent through their breifing to the minister.The minister/PSCs etc have very poor understanding on the fabric of the gov system.Bring an inportant file when minister is swallowing country wealth, otherwise no logic can answer necessity of recent change for the STS scale on cmpleting 14 years to one category.We realise this goup holds the wealth of the country enjoys it till their life end.All others are subjects,donot deserve to be called as goverment employees. It is better the IAS should be removed from the purview of pay commision set up for the employees.They can have a contract with goverment in power for wealth sharing.At present the secretary and cabinet secreatry are termed as goverment employees and the cabinet secretary pay recommended to be increased from Rs30000 to rs90000 giving an increase of 56% as on 1/1/06 which has been generalised by the media and termed that the central goverment employees are going to get 40 to 56% hike in their salery.The fact is deliberately hidden from the people.The increase a clerk would be geting is only 12 to 14%. How a judge can give such recommendation? is it justice?defenitely not. It is high time these type job should be given to PC(parlimentary committee)from whome common man would get justice.

  34. GeekyRaptor9:34 AM

    People, let me, first, disabuse you of this notion of justice, equality etc. Please don't expect it from the Committee of Secretaries. You see, they have never been taught that someone other than them also has some importance to society or works hard etc. The icing on the cake is that they are the ones (or some of their cronies) who have created this lop-sided award in the first case, and they are the ones who are going to review it! And they are not accountable for whatever low-down tricks they play. For example, are they not accountable for their decision to incorporate a disparity between Maj/LtCol and their civilian counterparts? Have the people of this country no right to ask them to explain their rationale for this difference? Is this to mean that a Mafya (as in the Russian Mafya, spellings deliberate) can sit down behind closed doors, take whatever controversial decision they want and then get away with it since they happen to wield the power? I think that what Mr Fernandez had done during his tenure as Def Min requires to be institutionalised ( sending these 'gentlemen' to places like Siachen, the heart of the Thar Desert etc) so that they can understand what the life of an Army man is like. It is a shame for this country when a coterie forms up, makes the rules and then is tasked with 'reviewing' it. Would the Govt also like Pappu Yadav and others fo his ilk to review the evidence against them? Why not ??
    And for those of you who think I am an Army officer, let me tellyou, I'm not. But I have had the opportunity to live for a few days with an Army unit and have sailed onboard a Navy ship and I have seen first-hand the tough life they live. He will be transferred out within two years or so and will not even be allowed to retain his house whereas I know a Secretary rank guy who has stayed int he same house on Aurangzeb Road fro 24 years - whether he has been posted in Delhi or somewhere else. The injustice is even more glaring when I tell you that he was staying in the same house for 4 years EVEN AFTER RETIREMENT!! And we talk of justice ?? I quote " The nation that does not honour its warriors is condemned to kneel before its enemies".