Thursday, March 27, 2008

Unions preparing demonstration

Two days after the Sixth Pay Commission submitted its report to the Finance Minister, employee unions organised demonstration and preparing for more demonstration against the recommendations.

The Confederation of Central Government Employees (CCGE) dubbed the report “totally unacceptable”, the CSSS Gazetted Officers’ Association (CSSSGOA) called for a review as “there are unreasonable differentiations made between the same running pay bands and even the instrument of grade pay has not been able to neutralise the impact”.

The Central Secretariate Non-Gazetted Employess Union organised a demonstration out side Krishi Bhawan on Wednesday terming the recommendations as betrayal of the right of the workers. "We are just getting 10.4 hike which is totally unjustified" said Dalip Singh, general Secretaty of the union.

“The alarming level of growing disparity can be seen between the recommended pay scales. After having a look at the minimum Rs 2,550 (total Rs 5,740) and the highest pay (Rs 90,000), we find that the minimum is only about 6.4% of the maximum,” CSSSGOA president R S Rawat said in a draft memorandum prepared for employees’ preview. “Therefore 1:12 (minimum-maximum pay ratio) is not a reasonable formula when tested on democratic principles of equity, justice and good governance.”

(Based on News Paper reports)


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Hi ALL,
    I have done a detailed study of the report. Upto PB3 the rise is 10-14%
    and PB4 and above the rise is a phenomenal 42-70%.

    Also if the 6th pc is not implemented , in 2 yrs time salary will be more than what what it is, if 6th pc is implemented.

    We have been grossly cheated friends!!!

  2. Pondicherry State Government Employees Central Federation staged demonstration against the pay commission report on 26-03-2008. Morethan 2000 employees participated

  3. Pondicherry State Government Employees Central Fedaration staged demonstration against the Sixth Paycommission report before the Legislative Assembly on 26-03-2007. Morethan 2000 employees participated in the demonstration.

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Most of the Group C & D employees are really cheated by this 6th Pay commission. We should all gear up against this Pay commission and it is this only way we can get justice else Group A will enjoy the cream and we will get nothing.

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    pay commission is only for rich governemtn servant like gorup
    A. not any hike for goup C. Pay commission is not with a poor workers.

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Vote out the responsible for taking us granted

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Now this blogger site can start publising data about the number of people resigning from central govt jobs on every day basis.This is going to be reality.Already so many of freinds are expressing willingness to resign though they have just completed 6 or 7 years of service.Even they are not willing to continue further 8 or 9 years to get VRS benifits also.I am sure that as news papers are publising statistics about farmers suicide, they will also start publishing people quiting central governemt jobs.The VI CPC report may be a conscious effort to downsize govt staff without explicitly mentioning it.My humble suggestion to all my govt.employee brethern is that start "Quit govt Jobs" movement.If some body don't bother about salary and want to work for the development of the country, he/she can do it in a more meaningful way by starting a NGO, small scale business venture, going back to villages and starting Agriculture and dairy activities.Don't think that your destiny is in the hands of CPC but it is very much is in your hand.And it is widely belived in and abroad (world Bank) that spending on govt servants salaries is major hinderance for the country's growth and development.So why want to continue jobs with such humiliation and disrespect.Let govt to manage public affairs by outsourcing or let it depend on seceratories and cabinet seceratory.One my friend was asking me whether GOI has requesterd me to join the govt service.He is right. It is our decision.And quiting jobs is also our decision.For me the real developed India is one where there will not be any importance to govt jobs.Let us accept that govt jobs are not meant to make anybody rich or to bring social mobility but these are just source of livilihood.As a construction worker earn his livilihood we are also earning our livilihood.There is no differnce.We shoud change our selves by changing our mindset, attitudes and outlook.

  8. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Pl. elaborate with an example in respect of PB2 in the existing scale of 6500-200-10500.

  9. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Pl. illustrate with examples

  10. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I too feel that we are cheated by 6 CPC . Only the PB4 are befited more and otehr are getting only 15% increase and if we add the HRA the increase will be 20% . But whole newspapers/TV channels gave green picture of 40% while the real working employee gets 20% and Big bosses gets 40% .
    That too it is going to be there for 10 more years what a hell will the life of a central govt. employee.
    GOD only knows

  11. Anonymous1:42 AM

    The government is a mess. Loan waiver to farmers has backlashed and now this pay commission report. Why are they listening to media barons ? Media barons do not object when Nyui, Ambanis etc take astronomical salaries because they are part of that cartel. Only qualified people from poor families join the govt. These are perhaps not written economics books or law books read by the PM,FM or the SPC Chairman. We need LEADERS.

  12. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Reconstitute the SPC. Make Lalu the Chairman and see the results.



    (Diploma in Nursing is superior to Degree in Engineering!)

    Chairman, Memorandum Committee (6th CPC), and
    President (WR)
    Central P.W.D. Junior Engineers’ Association (India)
    -09869253803 / 022 29204034

    When the Media across the country celebrates the ‘bonanza’ given to the ‘babu’s, they closed their eyes on the ‘Chidam-economics’ jugglery prevailed upon the ‘Justice’.

    The media say that the government employees are getting a hike of 40% - 60% in pay! If the pay commission’s report itself is reliable on the net financial implication as Rs.7,975/- crore for 2008-2009 for 50 lakh Government employees, it works out to Rs.7975,00,00,000 / 50,00,000 x 12 i.e. = Rs.1329/- p.m. hike per employee in pay! The arrears will be 18,060,00,00,000 / 50,00,000 x 27 i.e. = Rs.1338/- p.m. per employee! This is against the Rs.15,000 crore given to the employee by the 5th CPC in 1997! Hence, it is seen that the pay commission report is merely eyewash and the media reports are prejudiced without going into details. In reality the CPC has proposed minimum salary of Rs 5740/- only (against the publicized salary of Rs.6660/-) against the demands of Rs 10000/-by the employees! Of course, there is no doubt that, in comparison the nurses, teachers and the constabulary are being given with better packages. This is also however not in tune with the public sector / private sector jobs.

    The pay commission which proposed the new pay bands based on 74% increase as on 01/01/2006; whereas the employees were already getting 86% increase over their basic pay fixed in 1996 i.e., 24% over 150% (i/c 50% merger). Hence, anomaly starts from the novel scheme of pay-band, itself. Moreover, the employees were already getting an annual increment of 3-3.5% of their pay. The 6th CPC now recommends a lesser increments of 2.5% for all against the demand of 4% - 5%. After the introduction of the new scales, the employees will have to pay back the government, a part of the increment they already got after 2006 till today at least in some scales.

    For example, in the pay scale of Rs.10,000-325-15,200, an employee used to get an increment of Rs.687/- in 2007 (i.e. D.P. 50% + 41% DA). As per the new pay scale the increment will be 2.5% of Rs.23,500/- i.e., Rs.622/- (considering a DA of 6%) in 2007 on new pay scale!

    The pay commission is not finding any difference in working in a village, small town and Metropolitan cities which is evident from the abolition of CCA. Cleverly it stated that the CCA is subsumed in Transport allowance; whereas the fact is that Rs.1600/- proposed in 2006 is just a replacement of Rs.400/- of 1996 only! Hence CCA also required to be allowed to continue at 4 times rate along with all basic pays.

    The HRA proposed for metropolitan cities ranging from Rs.2,000/- to Rs.8,000/- p.m. for the majority of the employees including the gazetted officers, is not sufficient even for hiring a single room, chawl / slum type accommodation in Mumbai like cities!.

    When the country is facing the unemployment problem, the government is not able to attract the young talented people to the service. This is clear from the proposals at a time when the economy is booming and private sector and PSUs offer good pay package.

    There is an exodus of Engineers from the Central Government Departments, particularly from the JEs and AEs cadre of CPWD, the Principal Engineering department of Government of India. The Government could not recruit the required number of Engineers selected through the All India Competitive Examinations in the recent past. Either they are not joining or leaving after the joining, seeing the poor career prospects and pay levels in the department.

    The pay commission had proposed a lesser package to the Graduate Engineers of the country to than of the Diploma Nurses!. The staff Nurses in Rs.5000-Rs.8000/- placed in Rs.7450-11500/- scale with Rs.3200/- nursing allowances; whereas the Graduate Engineers will have Rs.7450-11500/- scale in place of existing Rs.6500-Rs.10,500/- scale without any allowances, thus treating the Graduate Engineers far below the Diploma nurses and Degree nurses. It is pertinent to mention that at present a good number of the JEs and AEs are having Post graduation in engineering.

    The pay commission also failed to address the grave problem of functional promotion in engineering cadre. All employees had asked for granting of minimum 3 ACP scales in accordance with the functional hierarchy. On the other hand, it has literally taken back the ACP (Assured Career Progression) introduced by the 5th CPC which was intended to extend the financial promotion in the absence of functional promotion. This meant granting of 2 pay scales of the promotional posts after 12 and 24 years to give a partial relief to the promotionally stagnated employees. Now the 6th CPC has suggested ‘next higher grade of pay scale’ in place of ‘next higher scale of the promotional post’, thereby defeating the purpose of ACP and extending gross injustice of seizure of existing privilege of the employees having very poor promotional avenues. In CPWD, this means a replacement scale of Rs.7500-250-12000 in place of Rs.10000-325-15200 after completion of 24 years of service as JE or AE, thus putting the engineers into gross injustice.

    In CPWD, the 20% of the Junior Engineers (having P.G., Graduation and Diploma in Engineering) are without a single promotion after 24 years (drawing the 2nd ACP scale of the EEs) and 60% are without promotion after 12 years (drawing the 1st ACP scale of AEs). The prevailing trend shows that the JEs irrespective of their qualifications will have to retire without a single promotion in entire service after 35 years of service from 2016 onwards! The Junior Engineers also wanted to make the entry level qualification as Degree in engineering / Diploma with 2 years experience, from the present Diploma in Engineering as hardly any Diploma Engineers qualifies in the All India Competitive Examination. Moreover, the strength of the JEs reduced from 6800 to 3000 in CPWD in the last 20 years thereby increasing the per capita workload by 250%.

    In nut shell, the 6th CPC had proposed a hike of 15% to 30% only against the expected enhancement of 100% to 150% and hence, after the introduction of the 6th CPC report, there is bound to have more exodus of engineers and other talented people from Central Government service. We have decided to start countrywide agitation in the coming days alongwith all other Central Government Employees to protest the adverse of 6th CPC report.

  14. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Hi. it's just a hilarious sixth pay commission report. All central government employees feel cheated who all are down the ladder.

  15. It is bad for poor people..inflation will it will difficult for them to survive

  16. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Very lesser increase of revised pay scales to Group-C & D employees of central govt. Many of the employees eagerly waited all these days for better improvement in pay scales. But all the lower cadre officials are disppointed totally.

  17. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Pay commission report seems to be prepared without any logic and only for Group A officers. Its ridiculous. We should condemn the report.

  18. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Before we make objections about 1:12 ratio in minimum to maximum salary let us remember the any rise in high income bracket is taxed at 30%

  19. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Hi dears
    Those who are unhappy with the sixth pay commission report can join the private firms......... if they have capability and will to hardwork...... Those who are complacent with desk work and who want to sit idly continue in govt... and be happy with what you get. There's no point in growling...

  20. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Babus can think of joining private firm if they are not happy with the sixth pay commission recommendations. What is the options for the ARMED FORCE PERSONNEL who can think of leaving even if they feel like committing suicide because of the second class treatment given to them by this Pay Commission.

    A soilder

  21. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Krishna lies a lot
    Even after wasting two years he has quoted wrong figures and facts esp. "some special increment and update allowance to DAE scientist"

    Fact is
    DAE scientist get only 2 increment extra on which no DA or HRA is applicable which amount to a "bheek" of 700 rs a month.

    Krishna also proudly refers to some updata allowance of 20000 or 30000 rs. Till March 2008 DAE people get only 5000 rs. The so called order might be implemented only after some other commision review and recommend it.

    Sleep till then

  22. We have all become fools in final.
    What we expected was a reasonable increase. But what we got is a zero percent increase compared to the inflation rate. This pay commission is a commission headed by those who have no heads at all. I dont understand atleast what these people are getting only satisfying the top officers. Are they getting any bribes? Remember that you peoples were also once in a lower cadre. Dont forget about the poor employees. We will strive our best in the coming years to dethrone those unwanted forces which are against us.

  23. Anonymous8:48 PM

    It is for the IAS, of the IAS, by the IAS. Sixty years after independence, it is still the IAS that rules the stage. Others merely occupy it . The IPS wants parity. are there no other services? It is shameful that academics, scientists, professionals and soldiers are marginalised. Has any country become strong & prosperous, economically, scientifically and in knowledge resources for an anachonistic service of lords 7 masters whose only obsession is power 7 money. Even the CPM is silent on this.

  24. Anonymous8:51 PM

    It is for the IAS, of the IAS, by the IAS. Sixty years after independence, it is still the IAS that rules the stage. Others merely occupy it . The IPS wants parity. are there no other services? It is shameful that academics, scientists, professionals and soldiers are marginalised. Has any country become strong & prosperous, IAS economically, scientifically and in knowledge resources for an anachonistic service of lords 7 masters whose only obsession is power 7 money. Even the CPM is silent on this.IAS must go. Otherwise the country cannot breathe.