Friday, March 21, 2008

Times of India report

Like earlier reports and same salary prediction patterns, Times of India has also predicted upto 42% without HRA and upto 52% with HRA hike in the salary of Central Government Staff. It has predicted that the final report will be submitted on Tuesday. Read full report here.


  1. Yes, the report is there quite prominently. But leaves many gaps on the fronts of transport and CCA, DA etc. Lets see.

    At Class I much better start should be given, so that educated and skilled young persons can be attracted to Govt jobs.

    Kumar Vikram
    New Delhi

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    coflicting reports are coming out, do not whom to beleive

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    A lot of coufusion is prevailing. 42%, 52%, Next Tuesday, Holi, 20th March , 31st March what is the hike, what is the day of report. Nothing is clear. These news items are creating ripples, negative and positive as well.

  4. Radhakrishnan7:21 PM

    Would scale of Scientist F be merged with Scientist G?


  5. Anonymous10:13 PM

    these reports are superflous and imaginary and wastage of time, achieving nothing but lot of confusion. let us wait for the actual full report

  6. Anonymous10:41 PM

    These are all speculations. Let people speculate till the final report comes, whenever it comes.

  7. Anonymous11:38 PM

    The TIO Report is quite up to the expectations and in tune with earlier predictions but it is silent on many issues viz cca,ta,hra etc.Wait and watch till the cats are out of bags.

  8. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Mr. Kumar you are saying at Class-I educated and skilled young persons can be attracted to Govt jobs if govt. gives them attractive pay packages ,do u want to know that after getting job these young peoples also became boss and almost do nothing, in technical jobs they are coping all works from their grade - B officials. I think at class-I should get pay only on efficiency based and their performance should look during promotion.

  9. Anonymous11:01 AM

    It is apalling to see that even reputed newspapers are resorting to spreading rumours regarding sixth pay commission inorder to increase their circulation. This includes TV channels like CNN-IBN, NDTV and all newspapers. Until the pay commission submits its report and the Govt announces it, all these are worthless reports. Many websites are minting money due to increased hits relating to Sixth PC.

  10. You are right, but this implies that those who are efficient and willing to perform remain on the receiving end only because the govt does want to pay well to the inefficent ones. Frankly speaking, in every system, hardly 5-10% of the people or workers work to their potential and sort of carry the burden of the entire system on them. If at entry level, good salary is given with the promise of better performance lined package as they go up the ladder, we may be able to attract good, efficient and initiative taking officers. Why to throw the baby with the bathwater, in a sense, by denying ?

  11. Anonymous1:53 PM

    yes submitted the report