Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Report after Holi : Times of India

Time of India has predicted in its report that the final report of the CPC is ready and  will be out any day after Holi.

Lakhs of central government employees will know their new salary scales any day after Holi as the Sixth Pay Commission is almost ready with its final report, subject to some possible changes in the wake of formal or informal interactions with finance ministry. 
   Commission sources, however, remained tightlipped on the quantum of salary hike. “It is a closely guarded secret at our highest levels and may undergo last-minute changes,” they said. 
   The sources, however, indicated a “moderate” jump despite the soaring hopes of most government employees — ranging from 20% to 120% of their present gross emoluments — when corporate salaries are at an all-time high. “The finance minister has said that ‘legitimate expectations’ of government employees would be met. The commission, in consultation with the finance ministry, has to ensure that their definitions of ‘legitimate expectations’ do not clash. This, because the money, after all, will be provided by a tight-fisted finance ministry,” the sources said. 
   The new scales would also decide the emoluments of defence and paramilitary forces, besides post-retirement benefits of all employees and officers, including the pension they would draw. That the countdown has begun was indicated in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday when minister of state for finance, P K Bansal, said that no proposal for grant of interim relief to the employees was under government’s consideration. The government has recently hiked the employees’ DA from 41% to 47%, calculated on their basic pay taken with 50% (of basic) merged dearness pay. 
   Figures apart, the commission has taken the help of three leading institutes to work out exhaustive compensation and pension regimes. IIM-A has done a study on the feasibility of performancerelated pay (PRP) to government employees while XLRI-Jamshedpur has advised on the total cost incurred by government on its employees in all grades (equivalent of the corporate cost-to-company). 
   The third study, done by Institute of Social and Economic Change (Bangalore), has focused on the government’s oft-stated principle of reducing its post-retirement liabilities in the “long-term”.

(Published in Time of India dated 19/03/08 Delhi edition)

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  1. all talk about pay pockets - what is happening about work - how do we function - how much we are doing to the public who are tax payers - who are below poverty line - we talk about eradication of corruption - Right to Information - Transparancy - and many more things - ground reality is something else.

    let be give you a real story - here is this - are we justified in asking salary - leave alone higher pay!!!!
    Let us see what is really happening in respect of eradication of corruption and right to information. Let me give you one example.

    I have filed a complaint with Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) (CVC Ref: 611/05/10).

    Initially CVC web site updated Administrative Action has been taken. I reported anomaly to CVC then CVC site got updated stating CVO examining the case then, as "Commission Ordered closure of the case". When I took up the case again, not only there was no courtesy reply, the CVC web site now give error message. That is the state of affair in respect of eradication of corruption and right to information

    I took so much personal risk and also the job then reported initially to the Head of Office, Vigilance Officer, Department Secretary and then complaint to CVC, CAG and CBI.

    The following are confidential information,

    I was a senior Class I Gazetted in a prestigious Organization and after taking VR from the Department, I took-up re-employment in an wholly Government funded Autonomous Institution (you can get Institution Name from CVC under RTI Act), as In-charge of Purchase & Stores/Contract Management. Institution has to acquire a TDV Vessel – the estimate of Rs.150.00 Crores and the specifications were all tentative. As I was in-charge, I objected to the unfair practice as none was listening, I resigned the job and preferred a complaint to CVC who has registered the case Under Ref: 611/05/10 and stated “Administrative Action was taken” and corrected stating “Commission ordered closure of the case”. Now CVC web site gives error message.

    The estimate was Rs.150.00 Crores; the lowest tender was for Rs. 320.00 Crores; price has been negotiated after relaxing specification and Contract finalized for Rs.240.00 cores on Single negotiated Tender and deleted equipment procured subsequently, still the number of bay and physical character of the ship, etc., can never be made good. Similar to this there were number of information I gave to CVC. When CVC investigating the case almost all Officials involved in the case have resigned and some of them took-up employment from Contractor who is responsible for Ship design and 3rd Party inspection. Commission ordered closure of this case. Added to this Contractor worker without prior experience and after age bar has been given appointment, promotion to the grade equal to Gazetted Officer and given post like Purchase Officer during Contract finalisation and then re-designated as Accounts Officer during payment process. Senior Officials (from Administrative controlled Department) and Finance Council, Governing Council Ordered removal Contract employee, Head of Office has not implemented such directives, such actions speaks volumes on this given case,

    If really interested in eradication of case and give real effect for RIGHT TO INFORMATION, you can contact CVC (quoting Complaint Ref:611/05/10) and get the information under Right to Information Act and see whether RTI Act is really working or not.

    If there is any irregularity, we have to report the case to CVC, whereas they have no obligation of at least giving a courtesy reply to the person who lodged the complaint, in the process we ordinary government servant became scapegoats. If we don’t complaint it is an offence, if we (as a person who actually handle the procurement case) make complaint, the case is being dragged for 3 to 4 years and then case get closed, we will not be knowing the reason therefore. “As a result of such delay, the possibility cannot be ruled out of loss of important evidence, because of fading of memory or death of witnesses. The problem of delay stares us all and the whole system would get crushed under its weight.”


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