Wednesday, March 19, 2008

42% hike in salary : Indian Express

There will be 42% hike in the salary, reported Indian Express Delhi edition today.  It has predicted report will be submitted tomorrow i.e. 20/03/08.

Key point of the Indian Express report:

  • Number of salary grades will be pruned to 18 from the existing 33,
  • Salary proposed is 35 to 42% higher than what each employee currently gets, inclusive of dearness pay and dearness allowance.
  • The house rent allowance will become city-specific with those living in metros getting the full 30% of the basic salary. But for other towns, the HRA could be capped at 15% of the basic salary.

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  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Faculty members in research institutes in India, those who have PhD, should be paid much higher than ordinary professors in ordinary colleges in India. Among those, the ones who have PhD from the top universities in the world, should be paid much higher. What is the hike of 42% going to do for such bright and highly talented professors at IIT/IISc etc ? The massive stupidity of the stupid and pathetic indian govt will be exposed forcing them to leave the research of this country to be done by morons and nincompoops.

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    You throw the peanuts and you get the monkeys. and good governance ................. ffffortget about that. But government should not be worried over that, they will get a lot of morons to blow their trumpet.. .. .. .. .. When the base of the government employee salary is so low, what is the meaning of 42% -- again some peanuts. and interestingly every body will get -- may he be corrupt, may he be inefficient. God !!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Right now, what India needs is resurgence in science through research. But why will any person with a PhD join govt organization when he is getting peanuts there ? There is no respect and the highly qualified person is only surrounded by dull idiotic looking babu workers who have no aim and ambition in life. Only those rejects have joined pathetic govt organizations who cannot get a job anywhere else, who are complete failures in life. How can you attract talented PhD from abroad or even India when you tell them that your monthly salary will be less than what a fresh graduate gets in a private company ?

  4. Anonymous8:13 PM


  5. computerization has been took place in the postal depart particularly in savings cash certificates wing,but there is no even advanced increment who are working on computers having bachelors degree ,as there is bachelor,s increment in Andhra state govt. and some staff postal class 3 employees service not reckoned from 1981to 1988 stating as reserved trained pool category ,but they worked regularly departmental promotes has chanced to class 3 cadre leaving direct recruitment violating supreme court orders in the postal . Can they expect justice even now with a prayer....

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Any Scientist/Researcher can leave govt job and join pvt job. They can do so on their own peril.Nobody will prevent them to do so.Anybody stick to govt job because of pension. Only MONEY in life can give you every thing.See and observe the uniform of any Police,Defence forces. That bears the symbol of India and real pride of anybody who is fit for it.Everything can be sacrificied to keep the honour of such dress. Money is nothing before it.
    Jai Jawan.

  7. Everyone is saying Govt. will provide this or that//// all will be clear when it comes in front of all. We should wait and watch what they can give to Central Govt. Employees. Its all crep talking before the final recommendations.

  8. ALl is crep.. what we will get it is clear in coming time. we should wait for that.....

  9. Anonymous2:56 PM

    whilw implementing the recommendations of the 6th paycommission, impetus should be given to those who have not got promotion/ elevation payscale since 8-10 yrars for the obvious reason of bad governmental policy or non availability of vacancies for promotions, shall be given next haiger scale- one such cadre is the central labour services in min oif defence, there are many such cases, the employees/officers affected by shall suitably rewarded- and anomoly shoul be set ridgt.

    -Anjan, bangalore

  10. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Jai Jawan
    Some Correction in my earlier post at 1.42 PM:

    Only MONEY in life can NOT give you everything.


  11. when will tomorrow come for implementation of 6th CPC. Everynewspaper are publishing in their newspapers that report will be submitted next week/next day. But the day is not coming for submitting the report.

  12. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Government should only be a policy framing and regulatory body. I have been working in Govt for more than 20 years and have first hand experience of disastorous and nebulous decisions, their effects and sychophants ruling the roost. I find inefficient sychophants more dangerous that corrupt officials. These are characters who are not corrupt but try to get promotion or undue favours by taking atrocious decisions etc.