Tuesday, January 29, 2008

News in Hindi Paper 'Jagran'

Hindi Daily 'Dainik Jagran' has come up today with a news about probable increse in the pay of the Central Government employee. According to its news article increase will be around 3.2 to 3.3 times of the current pay. 6th CPC is going to give better pay and facilities to senior officers. Pay commission wants report to be implemented from January 2006.

News Paper reports suggests that the salary of the officers of Join Sec. will be around 60 thousand and for Additional Secretary it will be 70 thousand. Officers of the Secretary will get 75 thousand while Cabinat Secretary will get salary around 80 thousand. Apart from this increase HRA will be around 40% of the basic pay.

One more recommendation is to change of name of the junior level posts. Commission wants name of post of the LDC and UDC to be changed to Junior Executive and Executive respectively.
If this report is to be believed, one thing becomes sure that there will be no further increase in the pay of President, Vice President and Governers and Government is having inside news of these recommendations therefore Government increased salary of President to Rs.one Lac.

This news can be read in Hindi here.


  1. It cannot be true.Governors are getting earlier Rs36000/ and it is increased to Rs75000/-.Cabinet Secretary is getting Rs30000/(fixed) now, and it cannot become more than Governor.If Lt.Governot Salary is Rs70000/then Salary of Cabinet Secreatary can be at maximum onlyRs65000/-and at10times ratio lowest salary will be Rs6500/-The ratio will be just 2.5 times.Donot dream too much.Already Defence minister Dr.Ak.Antony told press that Army accepeted 2.5 times increase in the basic.However Performace pay may be there but there will be huge cue and cry and next government will scrap the performance pay

  2. jyothish6:15 PM

    The same article appeared in the english daily the new indian express a few days ago.

  3. I personally feel that it is really high time government should do all possible measures to grab good talent which is more tilted towards private sector most probably because of better pay package.The government sources of revenue are increasing at an unprecedent rate and it should try to improve compensation structure for its employees. This will inturn attract more energetic and enthusiastic talent in PSUs and add on to the growth of our country rather that working for MNCs.
    I don't want to comment on the multiple by which government should increase the salary but PSU employees really require huge government concern in this regard.

  4. Anonymous6:54 PM

    G.Sajikumar said
    I am wondering why the corporate media is spreading campaigns against giving good remuneration to goverment officials commensurate with their qualification experience etc.Do they expect every talented youngster shall work for the benefit of MNC's??? what satisfaction it derives than filling the coffers of MNC's!!.It is high time that Government shall tide with market forces and use it's will and Power to create a level playing field .

  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    No Body in INDIA should get salary higher than THE FIRST CITIZEN of the NATION. Be it any official working with Government or be it Mr.Ambani or anybody else.
    Why should people talk of downsizing the Government, Why not upsizing number of employees in Private sector where already gross under staffing is there and the salaries are not propotionately paid, why pay hefty salary to one person only and ask for work of 4-or-even more persons, is it not inhumane??
    Can there be a legislation on the issue??
    Is there any private company managing 3-4 MILLION civil-officials, as the Government of India does and who does it for the Government??

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Whatever the salary paid the employees will perform in the same way as earlier. There is no correlation between salary paid and the out put of an employee in my oopinion. It is not that all rpivate employees will put in extra efforts to justify their salaries and even the low paid govt employee puts in efforts that far exceeds his pay.

  7. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I heard it through reliable sources that the government is contemplating to raise the salaries of its staff on par with the mnc's.

  8. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Old habits die hard. Whatever salary one would be paid in govt. or public sectors, the output of the individual will remain the same, because it is his or her inborn habit and there is no accountability in the govt. or public sectors. During more than thirty years of my service, I have got five pay revisions till 1997, but I have not seen any change in one's attitude towards work. It has remained the same.

  9. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Hullo Manisha,
    I am curious . are you a girl or a boy.
    anyway nice of you to keep us abreast of the happenings in the corridors of power.

  10. Dear Anonymous,

    This is very strange question. I am niether boy nor girl, I am woman with a husband and two kids. I am doing it, because I am looking after my kids these days so I am not in full time job now. I am dependent on blogs for some little extra income.

    Can a woman not do such work?


  11. Well, the Govt. should provide best packages to retain talents and should show the gate to ineffecient, lazy elements from the system. The periodical targets,the resources to achieve them should be provided and watched carefully. In other words it may be said that the culture of work should be developed and every type of political intervention in routine work specially in the case of state Govt. deptts. must be eliminated.. SHYAM SHARAN DEV

  12. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Dear Manisha,
    Of course you can. I really do appreciate what you are doing. I wish a lot of people do similarly. It keeps our hopes high.
    again thanks

  13. Anonymous2:12 PM

    U are indeed doing a good job in keeping everyone nformed about the news on pay commission in newspapers.but i suppose it is a big job to scan all papers daily even if it for 'some little extra income'.How many papers or magzines u scan . Because u are very prompt in putting the news on ur blog.a little about how u started ur blog which is very successful and how it helps u makesome little extra income

  14. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Dear Manisha,

    I am also a regular reader of blogs created by you specially on sixth pay commision, being a Govt. servant, I am directly effective on its recommendation. I am very imprssed that you are gathering the information from various sources and placing these for our information. Kindly keep it up, be informed to us and stay in touch.

    I wish to know your personal view (depending on all the information gathered by you) that what we can expect being a Govt. Servant from sixth pay commission. How much times increase is possible in your personal views.


    Pawan Nanda

  15. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Hello, Don't forget soldiers
    Thanx for all comments.Remember a country which forgets it's soldiers gets forgotten.They should be respected and compensated for the very fact that they have given their life for the Nation.

  16. Anonymous7:15 PM

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