Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Only Government can decide on pay Commission : SC

While Government employees waiting anxiously for the Sixth Pay Commission's report, the Supreme Court (SC) has held that it is the sole discretion of the government to accept or reject the recommendations of such commissions and court can not order their implementation.

A bench headed by Justice H.K. Sema said "Although the Pay Commission is an expert body, the state in its wisdom and in furtherance of its valid policy may or may not accept its recommendations"

The bench upheld an appeal filed by the Central Government against the order of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and the Calcutta High Court, directing the government to give increased pay scales with retrospective effect and merge certain cadres of typist with the clerical staff in the Indian Railways. The High Court and the CAT had passed the orders on a batch of petitions by typist who wanted the higher scales on basis of the recommendations by the Fifth Pay Commission with effect from 1993, instead of from 2000 as decided by the Central Government.

The Central Government had agreed to implement the higher pay scales for a cadre of typists from 2000. The decision was based on recommendations made by the Anomalies Committee.

This ruling of SC has clarify that the Government has every right to accept and reject the recommendations of the forthcoming report of Six Pay Commission.


  1. There is a news in the todays TOI regarding the pay commission and it says there will not be any interinm relief and the report will be submitted by march 2008. There is not much to expect from the PC our FM

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Manisha..you are just creating unnecessary Hulla-Bulla with your useless banter...i know the facts as i know some important people..and all the crap you are distributing here is just creating confusion...Its Going To be a GOOD PAY PACKET!!...and thats Period...

  3. Dear Mr. Anonymous,

    What i have made Hulla-Bulla. I have just given news which were published in the News Papers nothing else.

    It CPC is going to give a Good Pay Packet then it is a good news to Lakhs of Central government Employees.


  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Respected Manisha..

    you are doing good job & conveying the collection of facts based on media reports.. keep it up and march towards your goal..

    While accepting some controversial comments for publication, be careful or don't accept it...

    Everybody has rights to deliver their views publically.. at the same time, it should not hurt any body... few are bound to do it, again and again... let them bark.. let us do our work..

    keep it up..

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Hey Manisha..i,m sorry if i hurt your feelings..i guess a lil Hulla Bulla over CPC never hurt anybody...keep up the good work..(PS> is Mr Anand your Bros?)

  6. I love reading the positive side of the SPC. Hope It's we strike a good deal.But why is the FM_PC has such a bad attitude towards the Central Government Employees.

  7. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Date: Sep 13, 2007

    Dear Sir,
    Efforts both by Britishers and our freedom fighters have got defeated summarily due to babus. Babudom, inspector raj etc are true representations of people's miseries due to system that has been forced upon them. The DOM's, RAJ's etc are true representation of the disgust and pain.

    Majority of so called pErmanent are illegal backdoor appointees who have cheated one or more individuals of their own livelibood, have maimed them for their entire lifetime etc.

    Definitely it is necessary to dilute consequence of these stone buildings, cozy homes for ill-minded, lethargic individuals. Definitely it is imperative to usher in accountability and not rewarding the OVER-REWARDED.

    There is definitely miniscule output from stone buildings and this mechanism that babus have enforced compared to volumes of inputs that are getting sucked and pulled by these mechanisms and these individuals who have somehow managed to get their names enrolled on rolls (doles). Prayer that there be no increase in burden of common man by way of en-mass / selective raise for all / particular individuals / categories. Prayer that it be 4th pay commission as soon as possible, a prelude to sequence 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 0th pay commission. Definitely society will be happy and our nation will be a happy place to live with least influence of paper money. Let nation be filled with resources, wealth, food, abiities, honest people all over.

    Thank You,

    P. Suresh

  8. Anonymous2:19 PM

    It has become more of routine and comic way of talking about the Central Government Employees by some unqualified/unprofessional/unthinkable people. They simply get carried away by the media projections/journalism. Let us not comment on any system till we understand its functioning/advantages/lacunae etc., completely. Commenting irrelevantly on any issue/group without having any knowledge of it just reflects the individuals state of mind/mindset.These people have no guts to comment when the MPs of Parliament had increased their pay and allowances and had burdened the country's financial exchequer by whopping 20000 crores just by tapping bences in the parliament.
    Still the Government employees are kind enough to pray god to give such people a better sense of understanding....
    Long live Central Government employees unity. We will definitely get a good package which would enable us to lead a respectable if not luxurious life.

  9. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Is it true that three groups have given presentation to chairman ?

  10. Anonymous6:03 PM

    It is confirmed news that the pay commission is going to recommend an increase of 3.4 times of the present basic. Letters have been recieved by some of the offices in this regard, only for internal discussion.

  11. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Basic means only basic or basic+DP

  12. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Simple application of multiplication factor to the earlier pay scales/basic pay give the new pay scales. In the era of wide spread of IT it is really foolishness to have 18 months time for making simple calculations. I strongly feel there is no need to set up a pay commission and members of commission goes around the world to observe the scene in abroad and spend comfortable and enomorous time, finally comes out with some multiplication factor. Efforts are also made for not understanding to common public servants certain plus and minus they do to create confusion and for merging of scales. In government the winning horses and limping donkeys are put in the same basket and with many more parameters add to it ultimately, charm, enthusiasm, sincerity and so many good characterstics of the employees are lost. Nowadays roumers are spread if mid term polls are on it will be speedy implementation of SPC. What a Joke?