Monday, September 24, 2007

Many pay-scale charts in circulation

These days many charts for new Pay Scales are in circulation in the world of Government Employees. I have received some of the such charts where new proposed pay scales are listed. One such Pay Scale chart already posted on this blog earlier. After seeing all these charts, I have come to the conclusion that all these are imaginary work of fun loving Babus'. These new proposed pay scales are contradicting each other. Some current pay scales are missing in these charts. These Pay Scales are prepared with the assumption that Six Pay Commission will give new Pay Scale by 2.5 times to 3.4 times of the current Pay Scales. So, just to have some fun, people are preparing imaginary pay scales and circulating. Till final recommendations of the Six Pay Commission comes, several more new charts with proposed pay scales will be in the circulation.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Post some Pay scales...

  2. how we will get correct picture of sixth pay commission than ?

  3. how we will get that original copy than or shall we trust current copy which is in circullation and posted in this blog or not ?

  4. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Read all material available on the net about SPC. In my opinion the best reccommendation contributed is:
    "Merge the All India Services with other group-A
    central services to eliminate feudalism and to cease
    the ongoing clash and conflict among various service
    This is indeed very much needed.

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  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    what are your expectations whether it is more or less than the circulated one. I think the pay as per circulated charts which are said to be imaginary are less than the pay commission recommendations because pay commission is thinking to bring the Govt. Servant at par with the private sectors

    Pawan Nanda

  7. Intel babu11:39 AM

    I think Manisha is right in commenting that these are circulations by fun loving babus and lack authenticity. Well, the general presumption is that this time it will not be as good as the last time. There are a lot of fears in high circles regarding the adverse affects on the fiscal side. There is one article in Economic and political Weekly Aug 4-10 2007 which does an excellent analysis on this point and allays such fears. Title "Contours for the sixth pay commission". Must read for those who want to know that how true is the allegation of most journalists and others that pay commissions are unaffordable
    Intel Babu

  8. Anonymous11:04 PM

    intel babu needs to understand that it is the business entities that stand to benefit by hyping up the sixth pay commission and its effect on the Indian Economy...these business houses dont want the pay commission as it will cause problems fr govt employees will get much better perks compared to there own...then who will join them...and how will they buy the govt employees out inorder to expand there business and profits...all these so called financial articles bringing up the issue of economic pandamonium due the sixth CPC are funded by the MNCs..Can one even imagine that the Indian govt is such a pauper to ill efford the rise in salaries when the growth rate is touching 9%...i think not...and every one in the finance ministry knows that if properly implemented the recommendations of the CPC will in no way have any adverse it not only talks about increasing pay but also about decreasing the size in non utilised billets which are already empty but money is kept aside fr them balances it self out....

  9. intelbabu9:44 AM

    My response for comments by anonymous
    To say that better pay in govt. would result in shortage of talent in Pvt sector is an argument stretched too far. The pay structures perks / raise by any means in the govt can never match with those in pvt sector by any standards.
    Our growth rate is impressive but is our economic preformance so? Look at Arjun sen gupta committee report and you will come across shocking fact which hint towards a bulk of our population still earning less than 20 Rs a day.
    Nevertheless it goes without saying that the babus need a genuine raise. How much, is the question? Do they deserve a substantial raise in the present work structure, work culture and design of bureaucracy? If the structures and functions do not change can the raise be justified?
    Here i completely agree with anonymous that ths opportunity should be utilised to review the structure and functions and the processes of government,cut the flab both in terms of headcount and job count, and increase accountability.
    Automation, public pvt partnership and building a lean-mean bureaucracy have remained chimeras or at best underachieved goals despite a considerable thrust on these counts by the 5th pay cmn and the ARC. One can only hope that this cmn adresses the resructuring with rigour. Babus would like to ant to earn more but the same time contribute more and meaningfully so in the progress and development of the country.

  10. Anonymous12:54 AM

    dear friends
    please request for major tax relief and perks.
    ashok puranik

  11. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Dear Sir
    may i know why pilots,doctors and officers in army can not ask for premature release,please do not deny them thier fundamental rights,they do have a dream and know better what to do for thier commission and govt has no authority on these issues.they also deserve freedom.
    ashok puranik

  12. Saturday, September 29, 2007
    6500 as new minimum Basic Pay

    An article that came in Malayalam daily - Mathrubhumi

    It is known that the sixth pay commission has decided to unify the increment dates and retirement dates for all the central govt. employees. Accordingly the retirement date will be December 31st and the increment falls on January 1st. The minimum basic pay will be 6500.

    The pay commission chaired by Justice B N Shrikrishna has decided to reduce the number of pay scales from existing 39 to 16. The retirement ages will stay at existing 60 years.

    Based on the speculation of the mid-term poll, the finance ministry has asked the commission to submit the pay structure alone. The detailed report will only be submitted later

    The recommendations will be to implement the scales with effect from January 2006. However the arrears due to the additional allowance will be calculated with effect from January 2007. The commission has recommended from 6pc DA from January 2007 and 14pc from January 2008.

    As per the recommendations, the minimum basic scale for the central government employees will be 6500-150-9500(Group D). The existing scales which starts with 2650 and 2750 will be merged to a new scale of 7500-250-12500 for the group D staff. The scales starting with 4000 and 4500 will be merged and made into 10300-300-17500.

    The employees in the A1 cities comprising of Delhi, Mumbai, ChennaI, Kolkotta and Bangalore will get an HRA of 30pc of the basic pay subject to a maximum of 12000. The HRA for AB1, B2 and other places will be 15pc(6000 max), 7.5pc(3000 max) and 5pc(2000 max) respectively. The CCA will be 4pc(1200max),3pc(900max),2pc(600max) and 1pc(600max) respectively. The conveyance allowance in the A1 and A cities will be 6pc of basic(2400max for gazetted and 1200 for non-gazetted). At other places this will be 3pc(1200/600 max).

    The employees will have to contribute 10pc of the basic pay towards the PF.The employees in different groups will have to pay 400/200/100/50 towards the Insurance schemes.

    While retiring the employees can encash 360 days (currently 300 days) of accumulated leaves. The pension commutation can be done for 60pc against the existing 40pc.

    Posted by News at 1:52 AM 0 comments

    New Proposed scales

    The new pay scales to be proposed by the sixth pay commission

    7000-200-11000(auxiliary staff- Gr D)
    10000-300-17500(supporting staff - C)
    15000-500-27000 (supervisory staff,B,non-gazetted)
    17500-650-30500 (asst. officer)
    20000-8000-36000 (junior scale)
    25000-1000-40000 (senior scale under secretary)
    30000-12000-48000 (deputy secretary)
    42000-1400-55000 (director)
    60000 (fixed) (joint secretary)
    65000 (fixed) (additional secretary)
    70000 (fixed) (special secretary)
    75000 (fixed) (secretary)
    80000 (fixed) (cabinet secretary)
    source : (Malayalam)

    As expected, the scales are just a lolipop to government employees. The actual resulting increase will be just between 25%-35% range of the present pay in hand of govt. employees. And the even this meagre increase will be further nullified with income tax liabilities arising out of increase. Thus, the SPC will prove just a "square one" exercise. Many thanks to our veteran FM for the lolipop. If any further scope remains for govt. employee to rejoice, that will be washed out by the maket hypes and further brutal inflationary trends at the behest of increase in pay scale of employees by businessmen (who loot the commonman and show 45% net profits and make our FM happy). Thus, in wholesome, the SPC would rather prove to be a negative effect for employees. Thus, stop enjoying. Start, worrying.

  13. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Every govt employee's pay should be the Ratio of the Cabinet minister(cost to country) of that department.

  14. Anonymous4:02 PM

    What about The conveyance allowance for handicapped
    currently handicapped is getting double the normal rate.......

  15. Anonymous5:45 PM

    why not the commission submitting its report if every thing is ready. Commission should submit the report immediately so that the calculation etc. can be done in advance to light the workload that will come while implementing the report.

    Pawan Nanda

  16. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Dear All
    Here is another pay commission probable pay structure.
    Expected Pay Scale after the recommendation of 6th Pay Commission

    Present Pay Scale Revised Scale
    Non Gazetted After Revision
    2750-3400 10000-375-14200




    Gazetted After Revision
    6500-10500 23000-1000-35000
    8000-13500 27000-1500-45000
    10000-15200 35000-1700-55400
    12000-18300 40000-2000-64000
    16400-22400 55000-2300-82600
    18400-22400 60000-2400-80800


  17. R K Das10:18 AM

    The new pay sacle should be equivalent to at least PSU scale

  18. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I feel the news being circulated in the malayalam newspaper mathrybhubi about the revised pay scale is just a gimmic to fool the poor govt servants and deny them their ture worth.All the media hype about babu's being overpaid in the 21st cetury is stupid.Just look at the Pvt sector where even a sweeper in INFOSYS is geeting better paid than our babu's.So all the babu's if you dont get your worth in this pay caommission then bettr quit and join elsewhere in the Pvy IT sector.

  19. Anonymous1:41 PM

    All central govt employees are not fools and appointed as sweepers because as logically the outturn to the govt financial is more than any MNC.So a full fledged pay package has to be given to each category of employees with min basic of Rs. 15000/- [5 times existing basic]to the lowest category.Accordingly the HRA,CCA,TA has to be raised in % with last pay comm. Time bound promotion should be min 5 yrs,since the non selection categories are severly affected.The retirement age for govt servants should be brought down from 60 to 55 yrr as the younger generation will be givewn oppurtutnity to join govt.The min service for calculation of qualifying service has to be brought down from 33 to 30 yrs.The industrial working hours has to be brought down from 48 to 40 hrs per week to be on par with global indutrial policies.

  20. Anonymous3:03 PM

    See this.............

  21. Anonymous5:08 PM

  22. Anonymous2:52 PM

    This is in ref to the article in DEccan Herald dated 3/oct/07.It is understood that the proposed pay hike submitted by the Hon. Justice Sri.krishna and his team to the finance ministry will be in the range of 25% -35% only.This works out to nothing more than around Rs.4000/- approx over the existing gross pay for Grouop C & D employees.This pay hike as prpoposed is nothing but a cruel joke being played on the poor Govt.employees by the commission.Just imagine your fate gentlemen .After this meagre and miserly handout from the PAy commission you will be reduced to nothing but beggarrs!This is an insult and shameful to be even called Govt. employees these days.You will not have the respect from your own wife and family members.If the proposed pay hike is implemented your fate will be worse tahn an auto driver!! At the present inflanationery trends the porpoased pay hike will not be able to sustain even for a year! let alone till the next pay commission.So gentle men now is the time to stand up for your rights anf fight!this proposed apy hike will haveto be rejected by one and all outright.Just look at the way how the banking sector stnda up for their pay hike.They have the guts to cripple the going on indefiniye strikes!)e.g. SBI natin wide strikw 2 yrs ago) and get their demands met.Just because we Central Govt employees are soft & meek, the Govt & successive pay commissions have taken us for a ride time and again.Not this time gentlemen.Please unite and reject this proposal. A min hike of 50% is what we deserve.At a growt rate of 9% pa funds is not a problem fo r the Govt.It is only the proper 7 just implementation that is required.Unless a nation wide protest is done we will always be scapegoats for the successive Gvot's & Paycommissions!!

  23. Anonymous12:53 PM

    What is the use of study by IIM ,spent crores by pay panel without any result .Govt can give 30-40% increase .

  24. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Now, Deccar Herald and Malayala Manorama (a Malayalam daily having circulation of 12 lakhs or more) have also published some payscales as done by Mathrubhoomi, another Malayalam daily few days back. These are not mere fun games by some babus. Confederation of Central government Employees and All India Federation of State Govt. Employees have given a call for national strike on 30th October demanding, among other things, grant of interim relief pending submission of Sixth CPC report. The two major organisations of railwaymen do not want to burn their fingers in any manner and hence keep out of the strike. But their members are quite restive. Therefore, the leadership of AIRF and NFIR want to convey a message that the sixth CPC will be submitting their report very soon and hence no need of any strike at this stage.

    Secondly, the UPA government at the Centre will face a political crisis very soon when the Left parties withdraw their support. It seems a mid term poll is inevitable. The government is able to give a signal to the employees and their families that they will receive a hefty hike in salary very soon. Therefore, Govt. allowed leakage of some news from the Finance Ministry which has received some indication from the CPC about their recommendations. Mr. Chidambaram is capable of playing any game.

    Most interesting part of it is that there was no recruitment to the government servince during the last 10-15 years and hence existing employees having earned 10 or 15 annual increments in their Pay already will not get much benefit out of the 'hefty hike' as being projected.

    But the general public can easily be misled with such news items.

    P S Ramankutty,


  26. As the cloud of midterm election is hovering the govt may ask the CPC to submit the report early and may accept the recomendation of only pay revision. It may be a peanut increase in the pay.The ball will be in the court of employe association to fight for their genuine pay increase considering the raise in other sector and rising inflation.

  27. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Aim for the sky, BABUS.
    With Mr. PC in charge, you all may atleast land on a coconut tree.

  28. Sixth Pay Commission in its official site has issued a disclaimer which is as given below
    "Reports have appeared in a section of the media that the Sixth Central Pay Commision has submitted interim reports and some newspapers have even published replacement scales supposedly recommended by the Commission. It is clarified that the Commission has not submitted any interim report or recommendations. It may be recalled that the Commission was notifed on October5, 2006 and is expected to give its report within the stipulated time of eighteen months."
    Jyothish Kumar R

  29. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Its all decided. See the today's DNA paper published from Mumbai. The lowest scale is from 6500 and 80000 fixed from cabinet secretary. the increase is around 2.5 times.

  30. Anonymous11:51 AM

    6th Pay Commision has rightly structured a all time higher pay scale i.e, 3.4 times of present scale. Increment wil be purely on performance base. DP will be continued as per practice. Take for example Rs. 4000/- basic as in 5th PC will be 11,500/- +DP+HRA+CA+Misc.= Rs. 18,000/- gross. So don't rely upon any other scale which was published in a Malalam news paper absolutely bogus. Be happy and enjoy festival with full swing.

    Sunil Kumar, Secretay, HRD

  31. Anonymous10:25 AM

    In my view, many persons have rightly perceived that govt. employee will be actually getting peanuts as the FM- Chidambaram is capable of doing like that as is visible from all his budget proposals. The hike will be only around 10-15% and 30% will be taken back as taxes. Rest will go to the inflation demon. So, the god of job security has to be left with govt. only and all performing govt. employees should move to the paying sector. All the best

  32. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Attiration Rate in PSU like NTPC is become five times and others are just waiting for
    SPC report, if it is at par with Private Sector then OK otherwise a manpower crisis will
    be there in Such Navratna PSU . so SPC should implement its report before Jan 2008
    as already many are left and others are in queue.

  33. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Hamari Mange Poori Karo
    Baburaj pura karo

    Jo kaam 10 babu milkar 1 mahine mein pura karte hain
    Vo kaam pvt sector mein 1 aadmi 1 din mein poora karta hai.

    Government is foolish if they increase retirement age. ( Old person already not computer savvy, old age beuracrates runing government and now thinking to work upto end of life). Require so many assistents, for typing, faxing, lal batti gadi. spoiling public money.
    Where young generation is job less ( Only IT sector help upto some extent). I think retirement age should be 50 years. Science suggest brain power decreases after this age.

    If government want to improve efficiency, recruit computer savvy people only, and fior every promotion their should be written exam. Interview system is totally corrupt to give promo. Since humans are biased, castism, regionalism, and so many things. that we already seen in UP police recruitment.

  34. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I am fully agree with the comments already posted here that are :

    "Government is foolish if they increase retirement age. ( Old person already not computer savvy, old age beuracrates runing government and now thinking to work upto end of life). Require so many assistents, for typing, faxing, lal batti gadi. spoiling public money.
    Where young generation is job less ( Only IT sector help upto some extent). I think retirement age should be 50 years. Science suggest brain power decreases after this age.

    If government want to improve efficiency, recruit computer savvy people only, and fior every promotion their should be written exam. Interview system is totally corrupt to give promo. Since humans are biased, castism, regionalism, and so many things. that we already seen in UP police recruitment."

  35. Anonymous9:27 PM

    A govt employee not having own house & hence residing in govt. accommodation will not get any benefit in terms of HRA after the new pay scale .They will simply be paying more for the same qtr unless he goes for rented one or buys his own house.The property price is beyond the reach of most of the govt. employee especially for the metros. The eligibility of loan for govt employee is also such a constraint that they can't think of purchasing their own house during their service or after retirement.None have thought of them till date. The day they will retire they have to come to the road leaving the govt qtr .Please think of these people.

  36. Anonymous4:07 PM

    What about banking sector,will there be any hike in salary due to 6th pay scale revision.

  37. Anonymous2:41 PM

    NTPC has issued its revised pay scale order on 16 sept. 2009, can anybody give it on website

  38. Anonymous8:33 AM

    hope employes really get the right pay scales in proper way without any cuts in the name of union and retired employes are also benefitted