Saturday, August 04, 2007

Supreme court Employees covered in 6 CPC

New Delhi : 2/8/07

The Centre on Thursday said salaries of Supreme Court employees will also come under the purview of the Sixth Central Pay Commission, which is set up to review the wages of government staff.

"The Union Cabinet has given its approval to amend the terms of reference of Sixth Central Pay Commission that will now cover the employees of the Supreme Court while making recommendations," Minister of Information and Broadcasting Priyaranjan Dasmunshi told reporters after the Cabinet meeting.

Constituted last year, the four-member Commission has been asked to submit its report within 18 months. Also, it has to look into the desirability and need to sanction interim relief, if any, till the time its recommendations are submitted and accepted by the government.


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Nice peace of information.Will somebody tell me what is happening to the UGC pay package

  2. Good initiative to keep updated about the happenings in the pay commission.

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    what the hell is happening in the pay commision!!! no news about the hike, IR etc

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    There is an anamoly in the Pay Commission's Report in regard to pay-scales of 16400-450-20000. Instead of increasing the pay, the Commission has reduced their pay scales to 15600-39100. After 15600the next sacle is 39200 and in between there is no pay scale. Those who were earlier in 8000's scale would be getting 15600 which scale is of P.A. to the one in 16400 scale, i.e. PA and Boss have been equated in Supreme Court

  5. i heard that t pay comm report 2 be app by cabinet by jul end and implemented by sep 08. Any confirmation ?

  6. what is the govt waiting for? They are not going to give us arrears of HRA CCA etc. So the more we are to wait the more we are going to loose.Implement the report.. let committees take their own time and study about it later. Any change in pay may be deducted or given to the employees in their later salaries... The govt just wants to postpone the implementation until next election so that when employees get arrears they may vote in favour.. To those who think this pay comm is favourable to employees _consider tis thing... the 5th pay commission cost govt nearly 15000 cr Rs. The 6 th pay commission even after 12 yrs costs just 18000 Cr. this is when the inflation is at a record high.