Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No Interim Relief for Central Govt. Staff

Finally it is clear that there will not be any Interim Relief (IR) to the government employees.

The Sixth Central Pay Commission does not intend awarding an Interim hike (IR) in salaries of Central Government Employees, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram told the Rajya Sabha today (14/08/2007).

In a written reply, Chidambaram said that the commission has informed the Government that it expects to submit its final report within the stipulated date of April 4, 2008.

No interim report has therefore been contemplated.

This blog has already predicted earlier that there may not be any IR for the employees.


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    What else we could expect from Mr. Chhiddu. It's all being done on his behest. This is a very clear indication that we should not be very optimistic about the SPC Report also. Thanks to the Congress's Anti-Government employee policies.

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    i agree with you dude. it sucks to be promised peanuts. nevertheless, u get employees for what u pay -present ones will try to wriggle out

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Yes..this is one example of PC's policies. Nothing more then this we can expect from PC. PC is not behave like FM, he is runing his ministery as profit making unit and his role is CEO of business unit.

  4. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Yes one thing is for sure PC is going to be very stingy all the way.
    By the way any positives to the non payment of IR. Such as the date of applicability of SCPC would be earlier since no IR is given? From what date(tentative) is the recommendations to be implemented?

  5. Anantha Krishanan9:03 PM

    Mr Chidambaram is Not FM of India ,He is a spokesman for Global Corporate interests Based in United States.He is out to Demoralise Govt Officials and staff

  6. Anonymous10:17 AM

    our FM is very smart,by avoiding IR,he is hiding effective date so he can save the money of arrears for 2 years or may be more. I m now dead sure that even 1.1.2008 wo'nt be effective date. Long live the FM. In parliamenr,papers there r news about scientist leaving the job,jawans committing suicide,comparion of salary of president to an ordinary executive but no concrete assurance/commitment is given by either PM or FM.

  7. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Let us hope the left withdraws the support to UPA and the down before the spc report is submitted to the Government.With the PC in the FM seat forget about hike in your salaries, be thankful to him if he does not end up reversing your prevailing salaries recommended by Fifth Pay Commission..

  8. Anonymous9:34 PM

    That is what was expected of this CHADDI FM. What left does in this case is to be seen. I am doubtful as it does not please China in any why left should bother? What about poor retired..I mean pensioners? Free suicide tablets???? may be...

  9. senthil3:01 PM

    payment of IR can reduce the burden for government.but I surprise whiy govt is not paying any IR.any way hope for fst submission of pay omission report.

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Mr.Lungi man, you are not worry about public, who is suffering from Mahangai. If you really a brave man than come with public, then you will understand what is mahangai. It is very easy to say that IR not should be given to the employees because it will be declared mid next year. I want to ask you that why are doing like that why don't you understand the problem of aam public. You are really cheap man.

  11. Anonymous4:49 PM

    This is just an blunt example of Chiddu's rudeness for Government employees. And it's just the trailer. The whole movie will be shown after the recommendations of SPC. This is Home Production of Chiddu. So, wait and watch.

  12. Anonymous6:24 PM

    on what basis Mr. P Chidambaram (Who is the main culprit for non-payment of loans and other things in the INDIAN BANK) saying that I.R. is not require to entire central government employees.

    I want to know on what basis salaries and other all allowances increased in respect of Parliamentarians and many states also revised their member's salaries and allowances.

    I think all the politicians are cited in the government to take own benefits only and not for the employees who are main pillars for collecting all incomes for the nation.

    I would also mention that the government introduced NEW PENSION SCHEME for those who are joining in government service after 01.04.2004. In this point, i want to say, earlier our politicians gettting the pension after completion of 4 years, but, now they are getting pension even the become the member for one day. Is it justified.

    Politicians think twicely before they will get any benefits from the nation without giving their citizens/employees

  13. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Hamari Mange puri Karo,
    Sixth Pay Commission Lagoo Karo,
    Sab MP ki Salary Zero Karo,
    Hamari Salary 10,000+da+ta+hra+cca+ir Karo,
    Hamari Mange puri Karo,

  14. Anonymous7:27 PM

    from a kanjoos FM we cant expect more. Even though he claims to be a loiberal one but when comes to paying government employees he seems to be very conseravtive.

  15. Anonymous9:14 PM

    give a decent pay package with an element of high incentive for the performers and punitive action for the lazy abd non performers

  16. Anonymous9:25 AM

    It sucks to work on Saturdays also