Sunday, July 08, 2007

States want Center to bear financial burden

States have responded to the Six Pay Commission's (CPC) questionnaire to the states about the financial impact of any pay hike of Government employees on the states.

The questionnaire has sought to know the impact of accepting the recommendations of the Fifth CPC on the finances of the state Government. The questionnaire has also sought to know whether the state government has set up any Pay Commission for considering the salaries of its employees either in the past or currently.

Some of the States has responded to this questionnaire, and want that Center should bear the burden of any Financial burden, which may arise with the acceptance of the recommendation of the Six Pay Commission. For example, Orissa Government is of the view that any financial implications arising out of the increase in salaries and allowances of the Government employees should be borne by the Center. This view is endorsed by many states at the meeting of state finance ministers. Majority of the state gone nearly bankrupt due to the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission and with great difficulty, states have achieved and economic turnaround and there is fear that any increase in salaries and allowances of government employees can shatter the government's finances.

States have been asked by Six CPC to send data for the past five years on the expenditure incurred on account of salaries, allowances and pensions of state state government employees, employees of local bodies and autonomous organisations.


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    The update indicates Politiciancs entered in the Six Pay commission too.. they want to show their power now... none of the State Government is development motivated.. real motivation is how to make money...

    Let us wait & see for last 5 years report on state government i.e. Income Vs Expentiture ratio for State government employees...

    God only has to save this Country...

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Politicians of state legislature have increased their pay/perks as and when they desire. Why they did not ask before hand or afterwards to centre for bearing the burden. Politicians! please concentrate on Politics, leave us you are not required by govt servants at all.,
    ................PC Sahay, Patna

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    it is almost 2 months and nothing is updated about pay commission. you have not told whether A'bad and Jamshedpur have submitted the reports or not and what is the latest happening. Regarding state issue, it is one of the way of delaying the report.

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Nothing is coming up regarding Interim relief. Can u throw some light on it. When we are to get any news on the tentative pay scales and allowances. Any breaking news....Pls.

  5. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Politicians, always they are in the safer side. If they will that centre has to bare for the state pay hike, then they will be in the safer side. So that their vote bank wont affect. And centre after hearing things like this they will think of the pay hike of the centre gov. employees also. May god pls bless u and me...

  6. Anonymous2:55 PM

    we need commies in the government. mr pc, the congress and the bjp have always been anti-staff

  7. Anonymous12:42 PM

    what about IR? You are also not updating news regularily. Also some times it is going to photo format and not getting opened. pl take care of these things in future.


  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Salary should be increased based on performance. After every 3 year there should be aptitude/skill test, and all the interviews should be transperent i.e videography should be there. All transfers based on merit, not due to politics. As I am a government servent selected in class I post in software, before this I was in private sector. Here I found nothing to excel my peroformance. And facilities entitle for us avail by Director/Senior officials. Even I have no computer, and my laptop has been taken by Director. Whatever be news paper/magzines, all gone to Director's home. And many worst things, which I am unable to disclose. And our performance decided by Director i.e to fill up CR. Totally partial.
    And I found that contractual level recruitment in gove sector is a biggest mistake bo gov.

    In gov no work, then how can a person show his performance. I think government should not increase salary instead say that u can do two OR three according to ur skill level.
    That is the best way to measure performance. If the person is good he/she can rise to higher position.

  9. Anonymous4:38 PM

    In gov sector no work, then how can a person show his performance. I think government should not increase salary instead say that u can do two OR three job according to ur skill level.
    That is the best way to solve salary problem.
    And those people who r involved in corruption, punished publicly.

  10. Anonymous3:30 PM

    The interview as it should be

    Q. What terms of reference were provided to the Sixth Pay Commission?
    A. Same as that of earlier commision

    Q. What is the methodology being used by your team?
    A. Same as that of earlier commision

    Q. This will obviously cause a lot of heart burn?
    A. Who cares

    Q. A performance mantra for the central government employees is bound to impact the state government employees also?
    A. Not our concern

    Q. Is the Sixth Pay Commission going to advocate a hire and fire policy for government employees?
    A. If people remains to fire.

    Q. How will contract jobs work for defence service officers?
    A. In defence you need head count, it can always be contracted

    Q. How much more will the recommendations of the pay commission cost the exchequer? The public are fed up of government servants being paid more and more for non-performing?
    A.Same as the earlier commision. The public is fed up of everything. I am also fed up.

    Q. Most of their money is spent on paying salaries?
    A. No they spent on pay commision also

    Q. Where are the states going to raise the money from?
    A. For that finance commision will think.

    Q. Are government pay scales going to be made at par with private companies?
    A. Are you joking?

    Q. There is a strong rumour that salaries of government secretaries going to be made Rs one crore and more?
    A. This is just a rumour

    Q. Has the Finance Ministry instructed you to work within the framework of the budget or will your exercise end up being open-ended?
    A. Commonsense my dear watson

    Q. You must be facing pressure from all quarters to increase salaries. How are you coping?
    A. Deaf ears, please speak loudly

    Q. By when do you expect to make these recommendations?
    A. I expect my fee till the planeed duration

    Q .If government employees have contractual jobs, how will they receive pension benefits?
    A. Precisely , this will save the money on pension.

    Q. India is a complex country with different political interests. Do you see your recommendations actually being put into action?
    A. I can say, there is always a next pay commision

  11. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Which common man pay tax to Govt of India?