Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BSF Presentation to CPC

Recently, while surfing the internet, I found a web page exclusively for BSF's demand and presentation to the Sixth Pay Commission (CPC). This page has a presentation and suggestions made by the DG BSF to the CPC and I found it very interesting and informative. It has some facts which probably none of us might be aware of. The best part is the page is the 101 point recommendations to the Sixth Pay Commission by the BSF. Some of the points are very interesting and applies to other categories of the employees also. It also has employees perception survey and a questionnaire about the hardship of the policemen face.
Visit this page here.

IR before Diwali?

There are speculations in media that there may be some Interim Relief (IR) to the Central Government Employees before comming Diwali. Recently a news article has come in the Hindi Daily "Dainik Jagran" about this development. If this report has something correct in it then it may be good news to the lakhs of Central Government employees eagerly waiting for IR. This report gives indication of employees getting at least Rs.1000/- as IR. It is clear from this report that there is some thinking going on in the Government to give IR to the employees.

The scanned copy of this news paper article is available here.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

States want Center to bear financial burden

States have responded to the Six Pay Commission's (CPC) questionnaire to the states about the financial impact of any pay hike of Government employees on the states.

The questionnaire has sought to know the impact of accepting the recommendations of the Fifth CPC on the finances of the state Government. The questionnaire has also sought to know whether the state government has set up any Pay Commission for considering the salaries of its employees either in the past or currently.

Some of the States has responded to this questionnaire, and want that Center should bear the burden of any Financial burden, which may arise with the acceptance of the recommendation of the Six Pay Commission. For example, Orissa Government is of the view that any financial implications arising out of the increase in salaries and allowances of the Government employees should be borne by the Center. This view is endorsed by many states at the meeting of state finance ministers. Majority of the state gone nearly bankrupt due to the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission and with great difficulty, states have achieved and economic turnaround and there is fear that any increase in salaries and allowances of government employees can shatter the government's finances.

States have been asked by Six CPC to send data for the past five years on the expenditure incurred on account of salaries, allowances and pensions of state state government employees, employees of local bodies and autonomous organisations.