Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scientists Leaving DRDO

A news article in Indian Express dated 14/06/2007 has reported that there is a shortage of the Technical persons in the DRDO as Scientists are leaving to the greener avenues available in the Private Sectror. More than 300 Scientists and Technical staff has left DRDO in the year 2006.

Therefore, DRDO has made a presentation to the Sixth Pay Commission that the condition of working should be made better so that Scientist may stay for longer time say 15 to 20 years as DRDO projects are for longer duration.

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    The steadyly increasing attrition now taking place from Government institutions to the the private sector, is not confined to the field of scientific reserch. Many other professionaly qualified senior officers also are doing or considering the same. For example about a dozen of such officers are said to have joined the SEZ project of the country's no:1 business house.
    The remedy is to provide special allowance to all such officers. Moreover physical science is not the only field where reserch and development beneficial to the nation is conducted. For example economiic and financial reserch as well as reserch in the field of corporate law contributes much for the economic growth of the country. The well qualified, talented and experinced professionals now officiating in these areas are also much sought after by the private sector.
    The actual remedy is to provide special compensation to such officers wherever the pre-requisite qualification for a post is a professional degree with experince.

  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    It is most worster situation in other leading departments also like CSIR, DGQA, BARC, etc..

    The recent development is Government Authorities not allowing government servants to resign and also not allowing to apply for PSU or MNCs.. Pure harashment...

    Due reason, many of them getting job in MNC and simply applying resignation with family / medical grounds.. the real figure of resignation due to carrer change will be actually 80% and more..

    Whether Pay commission authorities are watching this blog or not, we don't know... but, sure if this situation continues, the day will come that time only mentally handicafted persons will work in Government offices...

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Is there any information about IR???? When it will be announced??? What will be amount of IR????

  4. Scientist leaving DRDO – why call attrition ? June 23, 2007, posted by myreaders , , R C Chakraborty,
    The DRDO Directors’ Conference held on February, 21, 2007 was effective in a sense that media started reminding about DRDO functioning more frequently. For example, the dissatisfaction expressed by the Parliament's standing committee on defence, the Minister A.K. Antony asking DRDO to answer for the huge delays in high profile projects, the concern expressed by Defence Services on DRDO projects and deliverables, the criticism of the individuals and an appreciation for the Government action in short listing private firms for granting the status of Rakshya Udyog Ratna. DRDO of course tried to read in between the lines, expressing – "High attrition rate of young scientists ... The DRDO’s representation to the Pay Commission . . .proposals to increase salaries of its scientists to arrest the exodus ? . . . and so on ".
    (Please Read complete article at : myreaders ,

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Sixth Pay Commission has compiled the responses of individuals and Groups and available at site. The group study was to submit it's report by June/July. will you be able to let us know what is the latest development so that persons leaving the job can hold for another copuple of months. Hope, we will get some feedback.

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    The economy of the country is booming and India is moving forward very fast to become a super power. The government machinery has to create an atmosphere conducive to this. Special, very attractive and at par with the best in private sector, package is needed for the officers of concerned regulators, departments and ministries. Officers of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, SEBI, and Department of Foreign Trade should be given the best pay and perks. Otherwise the jobs would not attract talented youths, and the economic growth of the country would be adversely affected as a result of that. At present many of the officers of such departments/ regulators are considering quitting. Take the example of M/O. Corporate Affairs. The officers of that ministry are appointed from a cadre called ‘Indian Company Law Service’ (ICLS). The pre requisite qualification for applying foe selection to ICLS is to be a CA, CS, Cost Accountant or Advocate with specified years of experience in company law matters. Many of the presently serving officers are having more than two of the required professional qualifications. In the present scenario where they get huge pay outside how many experienced professionals would opt to apply, for the cadre, which offers a pittance as salary.

  7. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Our country has highly talented manpower.People joining BARC etc were once upon atime cream of talent.Today the scenario has changed drastically.We all are responsible for it.We all only think for short term say 5 years and thats the end of it.our planning should now be long sited at least for 20-25 years.
    Europeans plan through generations.
    We also need to do the similar things.We have to do away with the level of Government servant. Both Benefits and punishments should be identical to both.
    Make no much differentiation between both except a few Departments

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

    All these days we were discussing/debating about pays and perks of the highly qualified government servants who have the ethics and are responsible for all their deeds. For a change shall we look at the perks of an MP. It is estimated that the government spends about 34 lakhs of rupees on an MP per annum towards his salary and expenses. He is at time a guy with extensive widely acclaimed criminal record, elected by rigging and other undemocratic process...has no liability after getting elected...Need not have possess any educational qualification to become an MP.
    Just imagine how much our government spends on 500 and odd MPs in an year and during their terms of 5 Years...The recent enhancement of their perks were approved by the parliament just by tapping the benches. The government never felt that the increase in perks would have any additional burden on the government exchequer.
    However even for giving an IR which a government servant trly deserves he is denied of this....
    Who is going to look at all this issues...
    FM should look at these expenses rather than stop crying on the meager pays and perks of government servants.

  9. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Read from "The Hindu":
    Pay more to NSSO surveyors to retain them: Pronab Sen
    New Delhi, June. 27 (PTI): Crippled by high attrition rate and manpower crunch, the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has decided to ask the Sixth Pay Commission to improve pay scales and service conditions of the NSSO survey staff.

    "We will represent before the Sixth Pay Commission seeking pay hike for them (field staff) and better working conditions and brighter promotion prospects," Ministry's Secretary and Chief Statistician of India Pronab Sen told PTI here.

    Saying that over 200 employees have quit the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in the past two years, Sen reasoned "we have realised the problem and are accordingly planning steps to contain the attrition."

    The Secretary pointed out that surveyors are highly valued by private sector market survey organisations, and added that "this attrition has reduced our ability to expand survey activities."

    Justifying the need for improving service conditions for the field formations, Sen said, "last time we offered jobs to 350 people of whom only 250 accepted the offer."

    Against the sanctioned strength of around 3,400 surveyors, the organisation has only around 2,600 personnel, he said adding "we want the government to fill the vacancies as with the current strength we will barely be able carry out the assigned functions."

    The Sixth Pay Commission headed by Justice B N Srikrishna is currently looking into the salary structure of the government employees and is scheduled to submit its recommendations by April 2008.

  10. A news related to IR and Pay commission is published in SWAMYSNEWS,June 2007.


    16-4-2007: Interim Relief: Grant of Interim and JCM Memorandom on IR was discussed today 16-4-2007. The Chairman said that the Commission would in any case give its report to the Government by the end of December, 2007 and therefore, the IR issue is not required to be considered.
    JCM Staff Side explained elaborately the necessity to consider grant of IR which is only an advance payment to staff as the employees are hoping that some money in the form of relief would be recommended by the Pay Commission.
    After discussion, the Chairman said that the Commission would have an open mind and take a view.

    Courtesy: INDIAN RAIL WORKER, May 2007.

  11. G.S.Kumaran3:32 PM

    A P.hD student is getting 25000AUD(Rs.8.5 Lakh) per annum as his scholarship in Australia.hear in india not even DRDO chief scientist getting this amount.people are talking about india will become super power in 2020 etc.if scientists are not given better pay this dreem never will come true.scientists in leading national level organisations must be paid atleast Rs.75,000.00 per month .,at the same time they must be given more accountablity and responsiblity.

  12. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Scietists working in the Indian Council Of Research under ministry of Agriculture Govt. Of India are in dielema of quitting their JOb inspite of getting good offer from the private sector.They are being offered 5 times more than their present salary.If the present commission will not enhance there salary at least 4 times they will certainly quit the job and it will be a great loss to the agricultural research.

  13. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Under fourth pay commission the post of professor in IITs, IIMs, AIIMs etc. was used to just below chief secretary. In fifth pay commission, it was pulled down thanks to the IAS lobby. DAE however would retain two post of Outstanding Scientist and Distinguished Scientist. Government needs to upgrade the Professors' scale to just below chief secretary.........

    Currently the full professor gets a basic pay of Rs22,400/- p.m. in IITs (total would be around 49392/-) At entry level (Asst Prof. Ph.D + 3 years experience + typically post doc + 5 international peer reviewed journal paper fetches a basic of Rs 12000/- p.m. and total of around Rs26460/-). With same qualification these freshmans would get jobs worth Rs.80,000/- p.m. (on an average)....

    With this situation, government need not open more IIts as they would not find any faculty members to teach in them........

    Increase in OBC quota would also be useless as the present infrastructure and human resource would be under tremendous pressure.....