Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scientists Leaving DRDO

A news article in Indian Express dated 14/06/2007 has reported that there is a shortage of the Technical persons in the DRDO as Scientists are leaving to the greener avenues available in the Private Sectror. More than 300 Scientists and Technical staff has left DRDO in the year 2006.

Therefore, DRDO has made a presentation to the Sixth Pay Commission that the condition of working should be made better so that Scientist may stay for longer time say 15 to 20 years as DRDO projects are for longer duration.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Army Officers wants to leave

According to the some reports in media, if recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission are not up to the expectations of the Officers in the Armed Forces, there will be a problem of shortage of officers and staff in all 3 Armed forces and to the security of the country. Thousands of officers in the forces are ready to apply to leave the service of the armed forces if salary is not raised up to satisfactory level.

According to the reports, high placed sources in the Army has said that in Army itself, around 1000 to1500 officers from the rank of Lt. Col to Col. level can resign. Some of the desperate officers are just waiting for the final report of Sixth Pay Commission only, so that they can decide. Army requires at least 46 thousand officers, where only 35 thousand are serving currently, so there is a shortage of 11 thousand officers. So if some of these officers, specially young and experienced officers, leave the forces then there will be a big blow to the army. It would have been more shortage if the recommendations of the Ajay Vikram Singh Committee would not have been accepted. Young Officers are more prone to resign and wants to leave.

The recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission are being seen as "Time Bomb" in the forces, because if salary is increased up to the mark, then it is ok, otherwise there will be a rise in the resignations. This situation is same for Scientist and Technical manpower of the civil organisations also.

To deal with this situation, the resignations of the officers will be rejected as has happened in the Air Force. More than 250 pilot left Air Force in just one year, so now pilots are not allowed to leave. For the last 2-3 years, there is a spurt in the attrition rate in the Army. Those officers who think that there will not be much increase in salary by the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission or salary will not be increased up to their desired level, wants to leave Armed Force as of now so that if their resignation would be accepted. The number of officers who wants to leave army in the year 2006 rose to 811 in comparison to the year 2004 when 436 officers applied to leave.