Sunday, May 06, 2007

Create Saperate pay commission for forces : Parliament Committee

Permanent Parliamentary Committee on defense matters has strongly recommended saperate Pay Commission for the Armed Forces.

Committee has said that Armed Forces are fighting against Terrorist activities, insurgencies and dangers from within and outside the country, besides giving support in the natural disturbances, therefore a saperate pay commission is required to be created for the forces. According to the Committee, there were many anomalies in the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission for armed forces. For example, pension of Major General was less than Brigadier, not only this but the pension of the Jawan (Sainik) was recommended less than the pension of peon of the Central Government. So, Fifth Pay Commission totally neglected the need and the aspirations of the Armed Forces. Fifth Pay Commission did not pay attention to the problems of the Armed Forces personnels like promotion avenues, living away from family for a longer time, Difficult conditions and danger to the life etc.

According to the Parliamentary Committee, the recommendation of last pay commission has made services of Armed Forces unattractive to the brilliant young men of the country. Because of this, number of Officers in the forces has reduced. In the Army, more than 2000 officers has requested to leave the Army from 2001 to 2004 only. It comprises application of 2 Lt. General, 10 Major General, 84 Brigadier Position of Air Force is more alarming, where most of the pilots want to leave. But on the other hand very few IPS and IAS has left the service.

In the Sixth Pay Commission, no member is included from Armed Forces. Therefore, Parliamentary Committee has decided to make Sixth Pay Commission aware of the service condition of the Armed Force.