Thursday, April 19, 2007

DRDO seek four times salary hike

According to a news article published in the Daily Hindustan Times dated 19/04/2007, The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) expects a 400 percent hike in the salaries of the scientists from Sixth Pay Commission to check the rising attrition and to attract talent.

This is the content of article, which I am reproducing here.

In presentation made to Defence Minister, A.K. Antony, DRDO raised demands including "intellectual capital" pay, enhancing study leave from three years to four years and a provision for sending scientists abroad to attend international conferences every two years.

Arresting the exodus of its best brains - over 1400 scientists have quit the DRDO in the last 10 years - has surfaced as big challenge for the organisation. Attrition was particularly high last year when 501 scientists left the DRDO. Led by its head and scientific advisor to the defence minister, M. Natarajan, the DRDO pressed its case for more incentives showcasing the "impressive qualifications" of its scientists in the presentation.

DRDO has sought a share of monetary benefits accuiring from commercialisation of products for scientists, apart from a special incentive for papers published internationally.

In its 14th report tabled in the Parliament last month, the Standing Committee on Defence had advocated formulating a comprehensive national policy to recruit and retain talented scientists.

"The government will have to loosen its purse string for that", a scientist said.

It is clear that at lesat 400% hike is sought by Scientific organisations as salary has been almost double from 1996 so only 200% more required to be increased.

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  1. We should ask for 10 times more so that 4 times more pay may be obtained. All the best

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    The steady attrition now taking place from Government institutions to the the private sector, is not confined to the field of scientific reserch. Many other professionaly qualified senior officers also are doing or considering the same. The remedy is to provide special allowance to all such officers. Moreover physical science is not the only field where reserch and development beneficial to the nation is conducted. For example economiic and financial reserch as well as reserch in the field of corporate law contributes much for the economic growth of the country. The well qualified, talented and experinced professionals now officiating in these areas are also much sought after by the private sector.
    The actual remedy is to provide special compensation to such officers wherever the pre-requisite qualification for a post is a professional degree with experince.

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I am woring in the scientific area in the govt...i have a very lucrative offer which is about 4 tmes my present salary.....should i move or wait for the pay commission recommendations???

  4. You should leave ASAP..its very less chance that sixth pay commissin will increase the salary as u are getting in ur offer.......

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM


    Please stick to the job you are now. After all, Govt. jobs are secured enough. You could certainly get anothre chance in future, but for the moment, I think you should better wait for the sixth pay commission.