Thursday, April 19, 2007

Double our salary, asks forces

A news article has been published in the The Times of India dated 18/04/2007, which says that Security forces wants inclrease of at least double in the salaries, giving reasons "High Risk, Trauma and Turbulence of Services".

the exceprts of the articles are here.

Armed Forces are seeking a hike of over 400% in their salaries and allowances from amounts fiexd by the 5th Central Pay commission, wchich came into ieefect on january 1, 1996."

Since 1996, our salaries have gone up by almost two times, with 50% of the DA being merged with the basic pay and other things. Hence we are looking for a hike by another 200%, roughly double of what we are getting now", said a Fauji.

The three Service chiefs made a joint presentation to Defence minister A K Antony for recommendations to be made to the 6th CPC. Seniors officers say that they have come up with "a mathematical formula" for the pay hike, keeping the country's GDP growth and the rise in the prise index in mind.
Armed forces are pressing for a hike of "4 to 4.5 times" in the 6th CPC over the 5th CPC, with a special "military servicce pay" for the hardship they face.

The armed force are also looking for the implementation of the long-sought one-rank one pension principle, which every political party promises in the run-up to elections but the junks soon after.

The main contention of the armed forces, who are finding it difficult to attract bright youngsters to join as officers due to "poor pay packages and hard lives" is that they deserve to be treated better since teir terms and conditions of service are totally different from other government jobs.

Link : See original articel in ToI here.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Attracting youth in joining armed forces by payment is not the good factor to apply here. There are several poor families who are ready to join armed forces to serve the nation. Now a days, youth of sound economic backgrounds are only getting chance as Officers in Armed Forces with a plea that they can accustom with Officers' mess decorum. Please go the census of how many young chaps from poor families with good intention were selected for Officer posts of Armed Forces? Maximum No of suicides happening are among such poor economic back ground youth. Son of Colonel or General in the post of Lt col or Col will never do such attempts. Due to seperation of poor background youths from their circle only creating opposing mentality leading to leave Army Officer job. Payment is not less to these officers. They are having many benefits while in service and also after service (like ex-man, free medical, benifits from state govts for re-settlements, lands, son's quato in army jobs aswell as in college admissions, son's admission in AIT,pune..etc). The hidden point here is, Govt. is not capable to frame policy to tighten their belts. Coming to 3rd and 4th pay commssions, How many officers left their services? At that time leaving Force is difficult. Now a days due to unstable govts, they are taking advantage and demanding (not asking) more pay that too without war. Hardship is only for jawans now a days. There is no Officer in Armed Forces who come office in motorcycle. There are several civilian Officers and in other Forces are still in motorcycles. There is no need for Govt to attract with pay. There are dynamic youth still in India ready for this pay. But the selection Comittee rejects saying these are not having "Officer like qualities". Any young person can be utilised as a soldier with proper taining. There is one Dept. in India which is in dark ie., "General Reserve Engineer Force" which is committed for challenging targets by negotiating natural calamaties winning sourya chakras is still lagging behind in pay as well as welfare measures. Armed Force Officers are to learn from the sub-ordinate staff of 'GREF' to cut their coat according to their cloth instead of comparing salaries of intellectuals of India. It is a wonder, that some Colonels are comparing their pay with fresh call centre pay (of MNCs). They are not taking points of job security and post service benifits. They are not aware that, Tension of call centres that too without annaul leaves. There are several aspects to which Govt. has to concentrate. There are not making these officers to fight for the country instead they the media also supporting for more pay instead of good service. Every one in India are aware that Officer job in Armed Force means whole life is settled. Working in Tensions is not at all a cause. The Superiority complexs, egoism between seniors and juniors and such are to be erradicated in these Foces. Can more pay do all these things like stopping suicides, leaving jobs ... etc?

  2. Hi prince I think your views about the armed forces is indeed very short sighted. Have you ever attempted to know what conditions of service are like in the Indian Armed forces. would request you to educate yourself completely before you post comments .

  3. Dear G/Man (Sh Mihsty)

    I am sorry to say that I am fully aware of all the things in Armed Forces. I like to draw your kind attention on the real heros of infantry, BSF and CRPF jawans. Plea of increasing payment is purely on hardship and tough services which matches with infantry, BSF and CRPF services only (for ground forces). Coming to Corps, there are officers in some Corps who are earning their pay only on the mightly concept of Indian Army. Please to through the postings of Engineer Officers/JCOs. There are frequently posted to ERE postings consequently. Where is the definitions of touchness of service?. Most of their services are without weapons though they are paid with all type of rank allowances ... etc. Iam fully aware of all the hidden concepts. I am not speaking like normal citizen. I am speaking after through analyzation. People of India are not at all aware of what are the things happning due to its isolation. There are several things happening in these forces due to lack of proper discipline especially in officers caders but asking for increasing of pay. Increasing pay to Infantry and hardship Paramilitary is accepted but not to officers of corps. They are only be paid if they are with weapons ( ie., introducing weapon allowance is must)

    Sir, I am really happy to share with you my views. Please try to be in touch.

  4. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Dear Sir

    Have you ever gone to J&K or North East . Complete Army is doing their Job . 100% Officers and men are with weapon . No doubt that infantry is doing tough job .Its not that only infantry is doing their job . Its all arms and services in Army . Now a days everybody is fighting terrorism in J&K and North East. Have you really seen Army Officers life inoperation they are with their men always without any discrimination . They do operation with them , they Road opening duties live in where their men are staying in same conditions . Please first go on ground and see the actual conditions of Army , BSF and CRPF and then write.

  5. Anonymous10:48 PM

    dear prince, its unfortunate that countyman like you dont understand the role of armed forces.india has fought so many wars.How many civilians like you were participating in those wars? Do you have guts and strength to spend a single day in training academy?

  6. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Firstly,I have identified you as a sadist who has been rejected by SSB(Services Selection Board) not once but atleast thrice.Then after a lot of struggle you would have secured a job in GREF.Friend your much applauded GREF is also not doing wonders.Go outside and you would be surpried to find out that a number of construction companies will do the same job in a much professional and cost effective way.There is so much coruption in GREF.Your officials have been found selling PEK explosives to local militants in Poonch.So just calm down and stop hating services.

    Secondly,the std of Army Officers has gone down tremendously bcoz of idiots like you who are sitting at beaurocrate level.Friend, holding weapon and sitting at posts is something which all services officers have done during their attachment periods .I have also gone on a no of risky missions wherein I was injured critically and did not even get any recognition for that.I am from the Corps that is services and I have experienced all this during my attachment period.Today ask any Services officer he will tell you how much load he is having.Infantry to kabhi kabhi ladti hai lekin hamari to rojz ki ladai hai.The officers who convert from Infantry to Services,ask them.They get sorted out like anything.Our courses are difficult.Infantry ka 'AI' grading wala officer AOC mein 'C' leke jata hai.Depots mein jake dekho civilians to apni union banake baithe rehte hain.Kaam sara fauji karte hain.Aur officers jawanon ko force karte hain tabhi kaam hota hai.Kyon ki services ke jawanon ki att nahin hoti so they dont know the situation of an Infantry unit.Since we have done the att we understand and do overtime o help our troops in front.Moreover,one DOU is desgned to cater for a Div but it is on ground catering to a force larger than a Corps that is more than three times its capacity.And you are in an impression that we are having a ball of a time.Friend and the car which you are so jealous of is also taken on loan.Today what a plight a commissioned officer has to travel in a 3rd AC with a clerk of a Bank.This is what privilege you thankless people are talking about.Yes we have ego.It is desirable.Ego nahin to ladai kya khak ladoge.Pehle to you countrymen drain our aggresiveness by imposing so many Human Rights and then talk about defending country.In news only just count the number of army officers who lay down their lives in defending this country of thankless people.Has anyone heard of a GREF officer or an IPS officer or an IAS officer dying.What are you comparing?We are incomparable.Ham to kehte hain we are no better than security guards.So give me pay of a Security guard that is Basic Pay Rs.3500/-.lekin wife ke bina nahin rahunga.Rahunga to Rs 20000/- compensation do.Mere fundamental rights nahin hai.Compensation do Rs8000/-.I can't form a union.Every Tom,Dick and Harry has a union in this country including Doctors, Engineers,IAS officers.But we Army officers cannot form a union.Give me compensation for that Rs.3000/-.I get posted to deserts and farflung areas while you are having a ball of a time.Compensate me by paying me Rs.6000/-.I am supposed to work for 8hrs as a normal security guard.Want me to go for mission 24 hrs.Pay me extra time Rs6000/-.I am on leave you suddenly call me in emergency give me compensation of Rs 5000/-.Jis din hath khade kar liye na fauz ne sare sort out ho jaoge.Aur ye Army officers pe hi chal rahi hai.Nahin to sacchai ye hai ki pehli goli chalte hi jawan pichhe hatne ki koshish karte hain wo to ham officers ki training aisi hoti hai ki death before dishonour hame sikhaya jata hai.Aur ham lead karte hain.So its high time idiots like you realize our importance or else we also damn care about you because our worth has already been recognized by the corporate world.Army or no Army we are the chosen ones and selected and trained through a tough process.We will achieve our aim in all the circumstances.

  7. Anonymous1:26 PM

    who the hell is this prince.....hey have u ever gone through any NCC ATC camp also...what the hell u talking about armed forces officers and jawans...did u know the condition any part of our country...rather in mumbai...also what is happening.. have u gone throu TOI article about securities of go throu it then u will understand what armed forces are doing in peace time also. from ur comment it clearly visible that ur thrown out out SSB board and thanx to our stringent SSB rule as people like u are not get selected as officer and also as jawan...DONT EVER COMMENT ON ARMED FORCES RATHER DON'T EVER DARE TO COMMENT.....from article it clearly sees that ur frustrated person and not fit for evev civil job..also...

  8. fir bhi dil hai hindustani5:35 PM

    Well said dear Fauji , A sincere salute to you as well as our proud nation

  9. Anonymous3:15 PM

    hello prince ,
    it seems as if you have appeared for the service selection board maximum times possible and have been kicked out all the times. if you are having grudges against indian army/ army officers and you want to take it out then go and join pakistan army or join the terrorists.But i know you dont have the guts to do that. If you have doubts on the efficiency of officers or you are jealous of their lifestyle then do training for one day in the officers training academy. i am sure you will be in coma for next one year

  10. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Dear Prince,

    Are u married?If not then it's no point talking to u,u will not realise.And if u have a wife just try to stay apart for a couple of months from her.You will realise why should these army officer's demand to compensate them for such a life.Or you do one thing,When your parents are ill (God forbid),or your wife is carrying,or your kid is in the hospital(God forbid),and they call you for help,just avoid them.I am not telling you to do anything extra,just trying to make you put your feet into these officer's shoes.Because people like you don't understand otherwise.And do u know when you are talking about the suicide rates increasing in the army,these are the reasons.and there are financial reasons too.And again you will not understand.Because you also don't have that problem.Does your wife give u a helping hand in finance? Sad ,these army persons can't do that also,they have got talented wives leaving their lucrative jobs and sitting idle somewhere in the interiors,just to spend some time with their husbands,because they don't know when there will be a call for a non-family station field posting..They can't even help their husbands in moneymatters and have to somehow drag and streach themselves into the limits of their husband's pockets.But u will not realise.And forget that.....think about the mental trauma.When your kid goes to school,u feel nervous about how will he cross the road and board the bus or how will he come back home alone etc etc.Do u realise how we feel when we send our husbands for operations?And you are saying there are no war now,so it seems you want one to make these officers prove what they are,you already have so many of them,how many more wars do u want?And who the hell are to compare and differentiate between Jawans and Officers?Army even does not look at them that way,they are a team.And pls don't post senseless comments just because you have got 24 hours internet supply at home,we army officers are deprived of that also.

  11. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Dear Prince,

    Who the hell are you to comment/differentiate/compare the jawans and the officers?The army itself does not look at them that's a team dear.Now I know why you got rejected in the SSB.

  12. Dear Prince,

    Who the hell are you to comment/differentiate/compare the jawans and officers?The army itself doesn't look at them that's a team dear.Now I know why did they reject you in the SSB.

  13. hello prince ...just shut up

  14. hello Prince, just shut up

  15. sorting out Prince5:40 PM

    Prince seems to be a real saddist... a real ass .. He thinks he knows too much.. He must be a disgusted , disgruntled idiot who is being kicked by all at all places..He may not know what it means to face a bullet.what it means to serve for the motherland in frontiers..the dedication required to stand tall at palces which are inhospitable..what it takes to chase a fleeing militant with a rifle and a few rounds waitiing to drill the militant's skull... Prince must have always wanted to be a prince but remained a pauper bacause of his attitude..Get well soon Prince.If u know prince please get him a bouquet with a get well soon card. (Munnabhai Style!)

  16. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Dear SH Misty,
    What the hell you ar talking about corruption in GREF (BRO). 50% of Officers and men in BRO are from Army and balance are from GREF. Are Army officers not involved in corruption and making money.Once posted, these army officers always get posted to some unit/ formation of BRO (Muhn me khun lag jata hai). First check and then reply. Is our Army very clean as u are caliming. Ration/Liquor tak bech dalte hain.Kitne uccha adhikary ghar ja chuke hain, Do U know?

  17. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Dear All,
    We offenly come across the news that defence people are selling liquire and other canteen items to the local market if this trand continue of least pay over the civilion than one day we should not suprised that they sold our country.

  18. Anonymous9:56 AM

    friend corruption is an integral part of every humans it does not involve only selling and making money.but if caught an armed force personel cannot escape stringent punishment and the time taken for trial is very less whereas in the civil the most corrupt continue to survive and indulge in these activities even if they are caught and the legal process lingers on for ages.hence 90%of the army pers are not corrupt. the pay package is not attractive any more and there is an acute shortage of officers in the forces and the units are functioning with a depleted 30to40%strength.the commitments are increasing day by day and the presence of an officer is required every where he is working 24 hrs dayin dayout without respite and the jawans are equally hardpressed.the govt is happy since it is saving a huge ammount on the shortage of officers.even if all the officers are given the pay of two offrs the govt will not loose.the trying working conditions,time bound executions, inhospitable terrains,long separation from family ,no recognition are taking a toll of the offrs cadre and i am afraid if the forces are not made attractive and more talent is not attracted the officer cadre will start suffering from various stress related ailments also. lastly i will request people who are not aware of the ground realities to refrain from writing adverse comments and remember MASLOW and his triangle and analyse each and every aspect of the content and see how many see are being fullfilled