Monday, April 23, 2007

40 percent jobs may be cut

Sixth Pay Commission may recommend reduction in the work force by 40% to compensate the probable increase in the payments to the employees.

According to a news published in the Dainik Jagran News Paper, Center for Economic Studies and Policy, which is going to give its report to the Pay Commission, finalising its suggestions that the employee strength should be reduced. Sixth Pay Commission has enthrusted the responsibility to the Centre to study the various financial implications for Terminal Benefits to the employees, in which analysis of the the financial burden on the Government in present and for the the coming 2-3 decades is to be done and to suggest the ways to come out of the the financial mess after implementing the recommendations of the pay Commission are included.

The Centre is of the opinion that financial burden on the government after implementing the possible increase in the salaries can be nullified by cutting employee strength by 40%. Additionally, specialists of the Centre are in the favour of reducing specialist jobs in the Government. They want to abolish the vacant posts in the government. Centre has not finalised its opinion about the nature of the posts to be abolished. Specialists of the Centre will give its report to the Pay Commission with some examples. It will be clealy mentioned that if only the recommendations of the improvement of the financial increment are accepted then it can be disastrous. According to the sources of the Centre, some State governments have directly approached the Centre and given it opinion.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    job cut is not the only solution.Government must try to increase the revenues by strict income tax collection.nobody should allowed to escape from payment of tax.for that, income tax department must be strengthen with man power.we can not think about cutting jobs in defence,scientific research,education and health sectors.fist govermnet must catch all people who has black money then it can pay much better salary for its servents.

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Earlier sanctioned strength was shown in media is 55 lakhs i/c defence,railways and others. But as per the data submitted by Association, it is 42 lakhs and men in position is only 35 lakhs as there is no recruitment for so many years. If we consider 40% cut of 55 lakhs,present strength serves the purpose of justification. secondly, salary expenditure is between 8 to 9% of total revenue which is getting lower due to increase in revenu collection. SPC may consider this while changing the pay scales.

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    The fifth pay commission recommended 30% cut, sixth pay commission is going to recommend 40% and seventh will recommend 50% and so on and so forth. And after another two pay commissions, there will not be any employee in the Government. Thus, the jugle raj will prevail. Thanks to pay commissions!!

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Ok! Cut Government staff by another 40%. But, the FM must ensure that no Government employee is overstressed with work as a overstreed Government employee will lead to a tense and asocial life and will gradually become a diseased employee (as tension is the biggest disease of the modern times). At present, what is happening, some employees come at 11 am and leave at 4 pm. On the other hand, there are employees who come at 9 am and leave at 10 pm and they also work at saturday's and sunday's. Both the situations are unjustified. At present what's pay commission and FM is doing, it's just keeping in view only the first class of employees, which is not justified. They must keep both employees in view while making recommendations. The proper solution is that there should be strict timings for coming to office as well as for leaving the office for all Government staff without any exception. Nobody should be pressed to work more than 9 hour/day under any circumstances and nobody should be allowed to work on holidays. There should be a complete closure of offices on holidays except in some very very very exceptional cases.

    If the above point of view is ignored by the pay commission, there will a complete failure of the pay commission.

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Is this the justification. Then why don't you cut the MP seats. Its an injustice to the govt. employees. Collect the Revenues in proper way. Why you give big consessions to Corporate Sector? Why you want to loose the revenue where you have to collect more. Rich are becoming Rich... Common the Great Economists ... pl see the facts ... use your senses.

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    All said and done, I dont think that our dear FM can ever consider for the poor class, Does he knows, what is poverty? He is a CROREPATI, like many of the MPs in the parliament. e.g. I am serving for the last 34 yrs, I got my first promotion after 21 yrs, where I got a rise of Rs.10/- in the Basic Pay, and now I will be surviving only on my yearly increments. How is that? To be honest and frank, we all central govt. servants are depending on the communist factor. Only COMMUNISTS can give us the justice.

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    What will be,if more talented people will give their services to private sector due to govt. packages are today is 20% compare to private sector.The Govt. will lagging to execute their policies effectively.Private sector dominate the govt.'s hold through their knowledge.Private sector will creat challenge to govt. through their talent, like in field of tax saving,manupulation of tax-saving-ways,govt. will bagging to reduce price of cement,govt will baging to stop property hike bcoz govt. officers can not make any efficient policies to overcome their loop holes in govt. policies.they are strong knowledgly to study analyse to braek govt. policies intended to national development.Leader's dont want to make strong national structure.

  8. Anonymous7:18 AM

    there is no need to increase pay too much. govt employes get too many facilities which none of the private sector can match. don't just go by the superficial salary. there is big difference between real salary and CTC.
    instead of cutting workforce when jobs are still scarce, govt should instead settle for only modest hike. else there will be no money left for developement. as I see if this trend continues my village will still be without electricity after 6th pay commission as govt will simply say that it doen't have money.
    having myself worked in biggest PSU I am sure the pay packet is quite good compared to most of the private sector. It is the work culture which needs to be changed, debeaurocratised to retain talent. money alone will never retain talent.

  9. Anonymous5:46 PM

    This is very true. I am working in a PSU and i Know that although my earning are not less than my counterparts in pvt. sector but my learning is definitely less here. We are doing useless jobs for 70% of the time.

  10. Anonymous12:33 PM

    All the anonymous whoever talking against 6th pay commission are totally frustrated people. We should welcome the 6th pay commission as all the Govt. employee waits for the long time for fighting against the huge inflation in our country.