Saturday, December 23, 2006

Defence Ministrer wants more pay

Banagalore 22/12/06

Worried over brain-drain, Defence Minister, Mr. A.K. Antony on Friday said the Government will urge the new Pay Commission to hike the salaries of employees of the armed forces and scientists of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

It is to be recalled that recently it was disclosed by the Army and Air Force that there is a huge shortage of the officers and those officers in the service are demanding to leave the forces and want to work for corporate. Except for the love to the country and dedication to work directly to the country nothing else is attractive about the armed forces to join. Bright young students of the Universities are joining corporate world for better opportunities and pay packaets.

It is not clear whether Minister wants more pay for Scinetists of the DRDO only or he wants more pay for scientists of all other 500+ scientific organisations.

The statement of the Minister also reflect that somewhere in the Governemnt corridor it has been learnt that to attract best tallent, pay structure and service conditions has to improve.


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    armed forces truly deserves the best.....but is 'dhoti-topi wala' listening?

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Invariably 80% of the employees riding up the ladder in def forces are mediocres who either don't have a locus standi of themselves or are the corrupt psychophants of the highest order. this is evident from the facts that most of the officers being court martialled are from the higher ranks (Brigadiers and above). Amongst middle and junior level officers, who are actually commanding troops, those being punished are the ones who either have the courage to voice their opinions or take a stand not to tow the corrupt lines dictated by the seniors in the heirarchy.These are the leaders who sacrifice themselves to win battles and wars for the country.In Kargil not even a single officer above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel lost his life. No officer senior to the rank of Squadron Leader is held as prisoner of war in Pakistan.There are umpteen such examples. Till the time this disparity and unfairness persists in the defence forces they will continue to get a raw deal from the govt. Truly one gets what he deserves!

  3. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Armed forces are backbone of India's security. But most of the top ranked officers are involved in corruption. These officers are responsible for degrading the name and fame of Indian Armed Forces. Pay hike is highly justified but governement has to take very stringent measures to avoid cooruption by top ranked officers in the armed forces.