Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Interim Relief by Next year?

Will the much awaited Interim Relif be announce by next year? Yes, it seems that this will be announce early next year because Government has enthrusted the Sixth Pay Commission to annouce any Interim Relief if it wants to provide any interim relief. It will take around 2 months for Pay Commission to have a proper secretariat and proper data to decide on interim relief. Therefore, there are chances that interim relief may be announce by the ealry next year.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    If commission has sought 2 months to collect the data then by this time decision on pay interim relief should have been implemented. If FM has stated in the Lok Sabha that power vests with pay commission reg. IR then why there should be dalay in announcing? No provision is made in the budget and how govt. will give arrears if any if IR announced.

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    The Fifth Pay Commission had reccomended that the Sixth Central Pay Commission be appointed by the year 2003 so that new pay scales for the Central Government employees could be made effective from 1.1.2006. Hence the revision is already belated. An interim relief at the rate of at least 20% of the basic pay is essential.The same needs to be declared before 31, December,2006

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    No feedback is being received regarding I.R. In absence of same, it is difficult to arrive for the new pay structure as New Pay scale will very much depend on effective date and I.R.
    Kindly keep update reg. latest news on pay commission

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I.R. by next year. 2007
    Still there is no sign of announcement of IR.
    There is no feedback also from your side. JCM has submitted the demand of IR in Nov. itself and commission might have gone through it.yet there is no time frame on the issue. In one article it was stated that commission might take to months to study & survey. It was expected that this pay commission would act better and fast but....

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    As per your comments, next year already arrived and 17 days over yet there is no annuncement of IR.
    As per your earlier comments, Commission wanted 2 months time. FM said in LS that commission was asked to give report early .Even after 3 1/2 months, there is no feedback on IR nor it's effective date. Now commission is studying pay performance etc.
    Are there real chances of getting IR or it may be announced after budget session ?
    It is also requested to provide some data from your side on the issue & possibility of IR.

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

    What happened?
    No report from you on IR.
    There is no point posting the news of IR after it's announcement.
    What is required at present is status of IR which you are unable to provide. Hope by next week,you will be able to throw some light on the issuue.

  7. It is Govt. Secret matter. It takes time to gather information. I am trying my best to get some news from my sources. But nothing can said as of now as metter is within Finance Ministry.
    Have patience, whenever, I get information I'll put it on the blog.


  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I hope IR will be declared along with 6% DA by the end of March 2007.

  9. Anonymous5:41 PM

    FM is very particular in pruning the administartive expenditure for better fiscal management . in light of this IR would be distant dream.If at all anything comes will be only before next elections either to win or to make matters complicate for the next government. GOVT servants are now poorly paid for their work.

  10. Anonymous10:43 AM

    You can't expect IR from a person like FM. He will be happy rather cutting your pay than increasing. So, keep dreaming.

  11. Anonymous10:44 AM

    IR will be declared along with implementation of the commission report, which is going to recommend 50% cut in our pay, as per the trend of their studies. lol

  12. Anonymous5:23 PM


  13. Anonymous5:01 PM

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: For a Government which can’t pay reasonably (rather better) and do justice and welfare for it’s employees, there is serious doubt that it would be able to do justice and welfare of rest of the citizens. Mr. P. Chidambaram think about it, before Congress losses all over India (already the alarming bells are ringing in several recent State election results for Congress) and it throws you out of your job.

  14. Anonymous5:12 PM

    By cutting pay of a small number of Government employees (just 30,00,000, which were 45,00,000 10 year back, you can't ensure better employement/pay for AGGRICULTURAL LABORS, FARMERS UNORGANISED EMPLOYEES, who are in crores and crores. If You take 10,000 rupees from a Government employees salary and distribute it in 1 lakh unorganised employees, will it solve the problem. There are other more important and valid methods for their welfare. And secondly, if the Government employee working for their welfare is not himself given peanuts, what moral he will get to take good policy decisions for unorganised employees. And finally, the solution is not pay cut or paying the actualy welfare worker (the Government employees) peanuts. The actual problem is population my dear. So alarming is the population situation in the country that if we are actually serious, we must broadcast one population control Ad every half an hour on all channels and it should be mandatory. Population control is the only solution. And stupid decisions like paying peanuts to Government employees is only going to worsen the situation.

  15. as per the news govenment is going to fix the basic pay @2.88 times your current basic isnt?

  16. Anonymous10:21 PM

    dear sir,
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