Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MP increase their own salary

Recently MPs in Parliament increased their own salary. This is unique in the sense that MPs are only people who can increase thier own salary. Parliament has unanimously pased a bill to increase hefty amount in MPs salary and other expenses. Only token opposition was done left parties MPs.

Whenever DA is increased by the Government, it is a ritual to call the increase in DA as 'Additional burden' by Hon. Finance Minister and in every year budget ever Finance Minister rememenrs at least once that how badly economy has been after Fifth Pay Commission, but no a single word is said by anybody when MPs increase their salary. Now Govt. did not mentioned how much burden it cost to the nation.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Evry govt employee's pay should be the Ratio of the Cabinet minister(cost to country) of that department.
    CSIR employee

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I totally agree with your comment. The ratio should also be other factors like travel, medical and incidential expenses too.

  3. AK Panja6:01 PM

    By the kind grace of Competent Authority (babus) and their dilatory tactics of verification, information notification, clarification….. life become a bonded labour or a slave. Therefore my suggestions are :
    1. Commission must ensure the compliances of the report accordingly.

    2. Commission give strict instructions to departments where the necessary amendment in departmental rules like, Gazettes, OMs, Recruiting Rules (RR) or Orders related to CPC, are required, must be corrected within the time span of two months of CPC declaration, without wasting time or waiting for the application of effect of the affected.

    3. Alike the legal proviso ‘contempt of Court’, the defaulter babus, reluctant to compliance the CPC Report or Rules, must be dealt with. An amount, equals to the loss to the affected due to the admin babus, compounded by 30% interest from the effective date be imposed and that amount be debited from the payment of the reluctant and defaulter Competent Authority and her/his subordinate babus equally.
    4. This Nobel act of deceptive by the babus be endorsed in their service Book for the purpose of Promotions.