Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MP increase their own salary

Recently MPs in Parliament increased their own salary. This is unique in the sense that MPs are only people who can increase thier own salary. Parliament has unanimously pased a bill to increase hefty amount in MPs salary and other expenses. Only token opposition was done left parties MPs.

Whenever DA is increased by the Government, it is a ritual to call the increase in DA as 'Additional burden' by Hon. Finance Minister and in every year budget ever Finance Minister rememenrs at least once that how badly economy has been after Fifth Pay Commission, but no a single word is said by anybody when MPs increase their salary. Now Govt. did not mentioned how much burden it cost to the nation.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

How much increase do you expect?

How much should be the increase and what should be given?

As you are aware that Government has decided to setup the Sixth Pay Commission. Now you may be thinking about how much should be the increase in your wages or what will be the recommendations of the said commission? So let us have a comment of you that what do you think should be the minimum increase in the pay or what should new to be done by the commission for example should the transport allowance be linked with the index of cost of Petroleum products?
So give your comment by clicking link below and let others also view your comments. By the time commission starts working we may have good opinion about what should be done.